There may still be hope for Steemit adoption after all, and here's why by the numbers:

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Okay, so I haven't always believed in Steemit, and lately I have been believing in it less and less, because I just don't see how Steemit can continue to pay all the self-voting whales and bots on the blockchain... it just doesn't seem sustainable.

Anyway, assuming Steemit keeps dropping the amount of rewards, which is what I believe they will be forced to do overtime, or lengthen the vote-charging process, which I've noticed they did already, let's look into the numbers to see how well Steemit is doing in comparison to its most successful relate-able website, Reddit.

As you can see, the first 3 years of Reddit's existence were very slow, which is good news for Steemit, because Steemit has only been around for two years, so it has another year to go, before it will need to start growing at a rapid rate, or it will most likely fail.

Now some of you may be new to the game, and use total accounts as a metric for health as it pertains to an active website, but this just isn't the case.

Active user numbers, and the growth of those numbers are the only numbers that actually matter, so now let's look at a Reddit chart, which unfortunately only shows total users, not active users because I could not find an active user chart, but let's get some information from it regardless shall we:

As you can clearly see, Reddit was pretty slow during it's first 3 years as far as growth was concerned, which Steemit is experiencing too, but after that third year, Reddit went to the moon... so will Steemit follow the same path, or will it fade into obscurity?

Let's check some Steemit comparisons over the last since months in the form of charts:

Simply tap or click here to enlarge this chart.

Over the last 6 months, Steemit has grown its active user base (could be mostly bots mind you) by a rather dismal 34%, which some might see as good, but it isn't really when you look at most of the other active websites out there, so what does this mean... well it's still too early to tell.

Steemit has also fallen behind in Alexa ranking as well, which it rough, considering that it was below the 1,000 mark at one point, but has increased back down to the 1,669 mark at the time of writing.

Anywho, what do you think, and how bright is the future of Steemit in your mind?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section, and would like to thank and credit @penguinpablo for making such awesome Steemit statistical analysis charts each and everyday, so that I could personally monitor the growth and de-growth of Steemit overtime.


steemit growth is very fast, built in 2016 and in 2018 a swollen growth, but if steemit can not afford to pay whales and minnows anymore, I think users will also feel unhelpful and they will leave steam. this is just my guess, so many other platforms that give rewards that are not lost.

I feel, and have always felt that bots and whales were like the aliens from Independence Day. They landed here on Steemit, and will drain it of all of its resources (Steem), and then leave when it's all gone to one of those other platforms you've mentioned.

I agree with your opinion ... therefore that the negative things do not happen to the self, try to gather steem inside before the aliens leave all.

The problem is, if the aliens have it all, it won't be worth anything.

now the parent market is dominated by the whales, we realize they will leave us, and the calculations can be picked up at the right time.
grab some parts from here and ready to go.
that's what I'm thinking.

Hmm, sounds good, but I'll be watching from the sidelines for another year to see where Steemit goes.

Yeah! Steemit has lot of potential but not properly organised and operated. It's like giving more and more who has stomach full and giving less to hungry individual irrespective of their talents and work. Steemit has become more like a business rather than encouraging good writing and content. As you shown more and more people come here, sign up and just go away when their talent don't gets rewarded. One important thing I want to bring out is that bots make steemit automated which is not good at all. There are lot of changes to be made and make this platform healthier.

bots make steemit automated which is not good at all

I couldn't agree more, and is one of the biggest reasons why I am pulling out completely, but will probably still write on here from time to time, just to get the word out about certain things, but I think the value is gone, and before Steem goes back below a dollar, I want to get out.

You know any other platforms like steemit where good writers gets rewarded?....or is it useful to create and write in our own blog?

I always suggest that people use their own blog slash website, so you have control, and if the platform you were blogging on ever goes tits up, you won't have to worry, because you have your own.

Yeah! I thinking of making my own blog to write about different sections: culture and traditions,business and trading and photography.

Forget to ask one thing.can I know when the results will be released for tether giveaway 😁😁

Oh, you didn't see, apparently I cannot transfer Tether out of Bittrex, not even to a Tether wallet, so the Tether was stuck. :-(

Oh! That's there is any contest coming up?

Not that I can think of, I don't really have dust to get rid of anymore, since I have been consolidating into my long-terms.

I doubt the growth of active Steemit users is very impressive, so many sign up with high hopes, realise noone is going to pay them thousands of dollars and then leave.

Ha ha, too true, and that is why again, we should always base our growth conclusions on active users, and not total sign-ups.

I am pretty bullish on the prospects for Steem. I'm on the fence on the prospects for steemit.

My sense is that steemit might actually pull it out of the bag on smt's and if so, we're going to see a proper scrap with EOS (all of which will be positive for both platforms overall as it will push them on). With smt's and a user interface overhaul, I think steemit will pull through.

I wouldn't lose faith just yet. It's about to get v interesting....

smt's may have had a future if EOS wasn't created, but I think it is all just smoke and mirrors. Plus, I don't see websites ever adopting them, because they want to be in control. Plus, ads can still be used on people who don't sign in, which can't be said for smt's.

It's going to be interesting to see how eos pans out. Weight of expectation is huge. It may, or may not, deliver.

How could it not deliver, it is everything Ethereum wants to be?

I think steemit will get much bigger and in 2 years will have more users then reddit

I hope you're right boss!

Im always right 😉

Well said you reddit's first three years too slow, and steemit but moving very quickly and very fast, but that is going to be successful in a lot of ways. I think this is a good platform. This post shows a lot of good information which is very good for me. Like, thank you

In my opinion. Steemit has become a great community, I believe steemit will continue to grow in the following years.

Nice adoption..
Day by day increase..But last two month alexa ranking is decrease.. @tolktore

Nice adoption in comparison to what, and we also do not know if any of that "adoption" is real people?

More than hope. Following the Facebook privacy invasion scandal recently. The growth of privacy and desire for decentralisation will grow. I am telling everyone I can to make an account and just post and see how they find it. Lets grow this amazing community.

Sadly, noobs that come, because they have no Steem Power will most likely receive no interaction. Reddit is nothing like Facebook, and is more like Reddit, so it won't be for everyone.

This is the very scenario I have come across as a new user. It is very rare that my post receive any type of interaction from more established users. I am assuming this is due to the platform design, but I don't think this helps the platform grow at all. A new user has no incentive to stay around without the "social" interaction that is supposed to be there.

I plan to push through simply because I am enjoying the writing process. Starting a blog is something I always wanted to do so I will see it through no matter how discouraging it is in the beginning.

Keep up the struggle, and good things may come of it!

Yesh, I see steemit goes rapidly, but it;s all depend on you how to use in a positive way. I see many peoples still use bots, which is not much profitable. I've also use bots but mostly I got loss:/

Hey, @tolktore Wonderful adoption..Day by day increase to steemit..thanks for share...

if steem prices are declining, people will likely abandon this platform

if steem prices are declining, people will likely abandon this platform

Sir I personally feel that the fundamental of steemit is very very stron although I believe that it needs more improvement and at the moment the steem price is based on speculation only and we have not yet reached a point where steem price action is based on its utlity. So in that sense it has a long way to go. In terms of bot and self upvoting I think steemit should come up with a different algoritm, otherwise it will not be sustainable in the long run.

However there is much more hope in SMT and if SMT can go well, then it will be a good news or steem and also we can see steem to moon.

Very good article written by you added with facts and statistics.