Potential Of Steemit ! How can you earn money here ! Tip for newbies and steemers.

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Hi, I'm all new to steemit and from the past 3 days or you can say from the past 70 hours I've been working on steemit potential and I can see People working on steemit from past 1 year are damn active and posting throughout the day.


But the main and the most important fact about steeming is-


It you think that what you're writing is gold than my friend you are shooting in dark. You need to lower you expectations and boom alot of patience.

Quality content means you should have knowledge about what you are writing, the experience you had, fresh thoughts and the way you write.



Gaining knowledge about the facts and the experience about your work should be your main focus on steemit.
No one is going to get money by just posting in the nights and think they'll find millions in their wallet by next morning.

It is for sure money will come to you but money will follow in due time. PLEASE don't look people who taken a decade where they are today.

keep calm and things will work out.

build a good strategy and things will work out. Be smart at your work and your business.

what you have to do now-

You have to improvise your thoughts and you have to bring out fresh thoughts from your brilliant minds up there.



People are competing for upvotes to earn huge money. It's not easy to earn, Steemit has an element of gamification and it takes time to get a hang of things.

If you give up today, how can you judge your process tomorrow.

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Good read. I agree with you that content is king. There are many different aspects to what makes content great. I think a simple test would be do you think people will read the entire post. I tend to only comment or upvote posts that I didnt find a chore to read from end to end.

You are absolutely right but peopleare engaged with thier pwn blogs for earning more money that they just open a post and directly go to the comment box without reading the whole post

nice advise. will re-sreem, upvote and follow.

Thank you so much
I do the same

Great infos