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RE: Steem Secrets #3 (Delivered By @enjieneer): "Rewards" On Steemit Involve Way Bigger Things Than "Money". Abeg, Shine Your Eyes!

in #steemit4 years ago

When I came here 3 months ago. I told myself that I want to earn money here. Never thought in my wildest dream that I will be involved into something different.

The "reward" that I got is way better than the money given. I made friends, I made connections which I never thought that I can. I began to love writing and discover a passion that has been sealed way back and truly I am thankful on that.

Looking forward to another episode of steemsecrets.


True enough!! Same here too! Didn't expect that Steemit has so much more to offer beyond just money as rewards. Steem on! ❤

Haha I had exactly the same experience. Rewards goes beyond that can be fitted in a wallet. Don't miss out follow steemsecrets and earn the greatest rewards.

Definitely Ani :) Heheh so excited to see who will be featured in the next series. STEEM to the MOON!

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