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RE: Can We Change The UI to Display Rewards in USD?

in #steemit4 years ago

thanks a lot, yes I do think there are problems with fiat in the long term
but in the short term changing it display will help us attract more users as it'll show a much higher payout $
most new users think SBD = USD anyway, so they think the rewards are 20% of what they truly are right now
imagine how much new interest can be generated during times of these pumps if posts like this are showing $1000 instead of $250, much more users will join the platform, and investors like you and I can benefit greatly in the long run

thanks for your input thejohalfiles


I'm also a bit dubious about the three trading mechanisms presented to a new user. When you press "Convert to Steem" you'd assume it'd go at market rate. It actually goes around 1 = 1, meaning you're doing a cut price sale on your conversion.

Click Buy or Sell, and you're presented with Blocktrades. Click Market and you're presented with the currently best but also most baffling trading mechanism.

It's not that hot for the new user, like myself, and nothing really presents itself in terms of education. Only by poking around and asking questions can you get an answer. These answers should really be in tool, flagging visibly.

Anybody who finds steemit, is interested by the blockchain and wants to make high quality posts, should be able to find out what this stuff means...
Of course you have to search it...

My suggestions is to eradicate this saving category to install some kind of valuable metal or just eradicate it...

Does the savings account portion actually do anything? Anytime I've seen anybody with money in it the percentage is always 0..

I really do not know ;)
It's really useless...

Yep, and that’s what I did. But to a new person, there is little indication that there is anything to search for. Nothing in terms of native guidance. I’m thinking for your average mainstream adoption user.

Yeah a short information page would definitely help...

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