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RE: Back From the Dead!!!!

in #steemit4 years ago

Glad you are back and safe.

If at all possible, please detail how you got hacked.

I'm not sure how someone could hack me and get my keys and blacklist my gmail account etc, so if you could share the mechanics behind this I'd love to know.

Maybe I can come up with something to protect other Steemians.

Anyway, glad you are back and (once the snow is gone), the days are looking brighter for you.


Hi there! I know it must all sound like a bunch of gibberish but it's all true!

In a nutshell, the individual i vaguely referenced in my post attained access to my Facebook.
Gmail account was under the same Facebook.
They then proceeded to spam my personal contacts in my personal email and replaced my fb with a lude photo that was NOT me. I lost complete access for a period of time to my primary device.

Getting the email back was no easy task. That is the only way i could reset my steemit. Is this making any more sense now?

But the question is how did they get access to your Facebook? That's where it all went wrong, right?

If Facebook is that easy to hack and then the email can get mis-used, then maybe I need t make up a Facebook email account that has no address book etc.

Hmmm.......... that's actually not a bad idea now that I think of it.

I was on a video chat through the fb messenger that's where it started. You're process of deduction on here is getting close. I'm not a hacker or an "IT" professional so...