Has Partiko vanished from Steem?

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Tub Cat has been a user of the Partiko app in his various forms for quite some time now.

Tub Cat has enjoyed using this app as it is well bathed, simple and allows a user to generate points which can be exchanged for upvotes from one of the Partiko Steemit accounts (@partiko, @partikoapp and so on).

Recently, however, the Partiko app has stopped sending notifications regarding This Impeccably Cleaned Cat’s Steemit account. And after some digging it would appear that this is taking place for all Partiko users.

So this makes a Well Bathed Cat wonder; is Partiko still maintaining their app? Are they still active on Steemit?

Their last post on the Steem blockchain was 5 months ago. They are no longer providing advertisements for viewing in return for Partiko points, and all of the comments made by their account are automated.

Are you there @partiko? Do you still exist, team of semi-washed humans?

And yes, this post was made via Partiko which annoyingly only allows one image per post via the iOS version. Something that @partiko promised to fix many months ago. This means that Tub Cat cannot post his usual amazing footer image.

This post has also been upvoted using Partiko points given that Tub Cat does not expect to be writing posts from this app in the future given its lack of updates and support.

Posted using Partiko iOS


Thank you so much for being an awesome Partiko user! We have just given you a free upvote!

The more Partiko Points you have, the more likely you will get a free upvote from us! You can earn 30 Partiko Points for each post made using Partiko, and you can make 10 Points per comment.

One easy way to earn Partiko Point fast is to look at posts under the #introduceyourself tag and welcome new Steem users by commenting under their posts using Partiko!

If you have questions, don't feel hesitant to reach out to us by sending us a Partiko Message, or leaving a comment under our post!

They gave you a free upvote! Haha. The notifications have stopped working along with a whole bunch of other problems. The rewards still say 75/25 split too. It's a good app, I just wish they'd communicate with the community. Their witness server is outdated too and many users are still voting for them.

!giphy crickets

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

And cashing in your points for a vote no longer works it seems... how frustrating.

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Maybe they've become unwashed and infested with fleas....seems to happen to quite a few humans here.

Indeed, human. Have you stopped posting due to flags? Do we need to create a new account for you?

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No, the final slap in the face came when they allowed APPICS to come on here and post pics multiple times a day with little anything other than a pic and get rewarded more than the majority of my post or a lot of others for that matter. They aren't bringing new people onto the platform. It's just another scam. It's the people behind APPICS upvoting their content with multiple accounts is all, all the rewards are going into one account then they are supposedly paying the people in the pics part of the rewards. Wouldn't you just love to make multiple accounts then post multiple feline pictures a day and upvote upwards of five bucks for some pics? I am tired of the double standards and hypocrisy that way. I can make just as much blogging on here a week as I can spending time and energy writing stuff, it all amounts to little of nothing while others can run rampant easily raking in the rewards. Just look at the soldier account to see what I mean.

I have heard rumours and hearsay that it's ded.

I'm currently trying to use eSteem but am finding it a little bit uncomfortable (too many decimal places for my meagre unwashed brain on the slider, inability to expand the post when replying which makes it really hard to do a detailed comment if I need to do something more than "nice post"). The notifications work great though XD May end up going back to using busy on mobile (where it looks and works great unlike on my excessive desktop where it looks like a stupid skinny column) if I'm too dumb to get used to it.

I’m not a huge fan of eSteem but do use it sometimes. At least I can post multiple images in a post when using it. I haven’t tried busy. Might give it a go.

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i still Partiko but a lot of the features no longer function. Some of them still do and that is good. I don't know for certain but it does appear as though they are no longer active. I still like to use it on the go though!

I really like the app. But they’ve killed their witness server as well. I think they’ve departed for good which is a shame.