Tub Cat’s power down plans!

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This Cat of Utmost Cleanliness is powering down

But certainly isn’t exiting Steem. The Mighty Cat in a Tub will commence trading his currency once again with view to produce sufficient profits to return to trading in the stock markets.

You see, The Mighty Tub Cat’s human, who serves as a Food Providing Service and Tub Cleanliness Manager, made a financial Boo Boo some time ago.

So The Cat of Ultimate Hygiene has no funds available in his bank account to commence stock market trading. And, once upon a time, He was quite good at trading in Australian shares. And he wants to do this once again.

So the Cat of Perpetual Soap Smell will spend some time trading crypto currencies and, once He has increased the value of His currency by a certain amount, will convert a portion of said currency to Fiat and begin trading on the ASX.

Roughly two months ago, this Cat posted a screen shot of his wallet balance. See below, foul smelling humans!


Take note of the amount of Steem and estimated account value, unwashed humans!

Now observe my current wallet value and Steem holdings!


Note that in two months, the Cat in a Tub’s Steem holdings have increased by roughly 240 Steem while the estimated account value really hasn’t changed all that much. Sad yes? This Cat thinks so.

So, while this Cat’s curation activities have returned a reasonable amount of Steem, the value of said Steem has not increased in proportionate value.

It is therefore time for the Cat of Many Bathing Events to try something new! Which is trading cryptocurrencies and on the ASX. Tub Cat has already mentioned this. Why were you wondering what the new thing is, human of questionable intellect?

All this makes it sound as if Tub Cat is exiting Steem at Stage Left. However He shall not do this. The Cat of Moist Fur shall retain some Steem in his wallet. And will continue to curate and randomly comment as per usual.

So fear not, unwashed humans! The Cat of Unmatched Cleanliness shall remain!



Getting tired of eating Puss'n Boots?....who could blame you.

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