😻Tub Cat's Activity Report #3😻 + Nominate a Post or Account!

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I am Tub Cat! Bringer of Quality Content!

Hello Squishy Humans,

Welcome to Tub Cat's third activity report! It is here that I, the ever mighty Tub Cat, will report on my engagement with our community. Here I will list the Steemit users who;

  • Are developing excellent content deserving of your attention;
  • Deserve your support and encouragement to further develop their content development; and
  • Name and shame those Steemit users who are spamming our amazing community with their terrible spammy and plagiarised posts!

These reports will be split into 3 sections for easy reading. And Tub Cat will have upvoted, commented on, or flagged each of these posts according to what the Steemit user deserved.

High Quality Posts Deserving Reward

AccountPostUpvoted (Y/N)
@pv-pCapitalism Counter CultureYes
@paperkawaiiSteemit OrigamiYes

Users With Great Potential and Deserving of Your Support

AccountPostUpvoted (Y/N)
@baboyedNear Death ExperienceYes
@thewamThe WAM Travel #2Yes

Users that are no Better than a Tub Dog! (Spam / Plagiarism)

AccountPostFlagged (Y/N)
@calientaloLink spamYes

Want to Let Tub Cat Know About a Fantastic User Who Needs Support or More Exposure or a Tub Dog?

Let Tub Cat know of any accounts that need more exposure, support or who need to be sternly dealt with by the Mighty Tub Cat in the comments below.

Tub Cat's Helpful Guides for New Users Plus Other Useful Information

Tub Cat's 5 Commandments
Tub Cat's Post Classification System
How to Reference Text and Images from Other Sources
Tub Cat's Advice for Commenting on Posts
Tub Cat's Advice for Newbies

Persevere, pink and squishy human. Your Steemit life is just beginning!


Thanks to @nathanial for creating the amazing header and footer in this post!


Thanks for the mention Tub Cat! This squishy hairless ape appreciates the recognition and the work you are doing exposing the dirty tub dogs on steemit :)

You are welcome, unwashed human.

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