😻Tub Cat's Advice - Formatting Tips and Tricks😻

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I am Tub Cat! Bringer of Quality Content!

Hello Unwashed Masses,

Today, Tub Cat will share with you some simple formatting techniques that will greatly enhance the appearance of your posts.

These simple tips and tricks will set your pots apart from the rest of the masses and aid in demonstrating just how amazing your content is.


None of these formatting tips are difficult to implement. And Tub Cat will show you his hidden secrets for creating consistently amazing content, that leaves the unwashed masses amazed at his God like status.

The first step is a very simple one, but one that many haven't started using yet.

Create Templates for Your Commonly Used Posts

Tub Cat posts his activity report every week. This activity report is in a similar format every single week. So there are elements in this report that are repeated in every post.

There are elements in each activity report that are the same, such as the sections and tables used, along with the sign off and header. What this means is that the post can be easily saved as a template. So that, when Tub Cat us due to post his next activity report, he simply copies the template into his new post and fills in the content required.

Tub Cat uses Microsoft Word to store his templates. It's really as simple as that. If you have a topic that you post about every single day, week or month, then Tub Cat recommends that you start using templates.

Tub Cat's Pro Tip

Tub Cat also saves the code for commonly used images, such as his header and footer codes. Once you upload an image onto the Steemit blockchain, it is there forever. So you can call on this image whenever you like, and it will be there for you. So, Tub Cat saves the codes for his images for future use. It saves a lot of time and energy. And Tub Cat is all about using as little energy as possible.

Creating Awesome Headings

Tub Cat likes to split his posts into sections for easy readability and to make his posts nice and structured. I've used this technique in creating this post in fact.


Creating headings is very easy. And you can create headings of varying size:

# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3 (and so on)

Will look like:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

When using headings, Tub Cat generally likes to centre them to make it clearer that the reader has reached a new section or chapter of my post.

This is simply done by using the following code:

# <center>Heading 1</center>

Which will look like this:

Heading 1

Tub Cat's Pro Tip

Want to know a little used formatting trick? Tub Cat will inform you, unwashed human!

After a heading, you'll often find that your first paragraph after the heading sits uncomfortably close to the heading itself. It looks bad, and makes Tub Cat angry in his little tub of paradise.

So, to create a space between your heading and the following paragraph, all you need to do is include the following code at the commencement of your paragraph:


Purrrrfect. cough... Tub Cat apologises... what a terrible "joke" that was....

Splitting Your Post into Amazing Sections

So, what about those awesome little faint lines in between the sections in Tub Cat's posts? And, weirdly, before and after this paragraph? Those lines that are so damn useful for demonstrating that the reader has reached a new section in your most amazing post?

These little faint lines are created using the code:


Amazing right?

Tables, Tables, Tables!!

Tables can be incredibly useful, and can really make your post stand out as a highly professional piece of work.


They can take a small amount of preparation in comparison to the other formatting tips above, which is why Tub Cat will generally develop a post template where tables are commonly used.

Tables are constructed using the following code:

Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3 | Column 4
Data | data | more data | data stuff

Which looks like this:

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
Datadatamore datadata stuff

Tub Cat's Concluding Remarks

So there you have it, unwashed human. Tub Cat has let you in on some of his formatting tips and tricks. Now your posts can look as amazing as Tub Cat's posts too!

Have any tips of your own? Tub Cat doubts they will be as amazing as his but would still love to see you try to impress him with your own advice.

Feel free to leave your "tips" in the comments below.

Persevere, pink and squishy human. Your Steemit life is just beginning!


Thanks to @nathanial for creating the amazing header and footer in this post!


I had 3 showers yesterday. I'm not unwashed. (Yes, that was my take away message from this post.)

Tub Cat is disappointed in the lady Choo. But pleased that she smells slightly less bad compared to the rest of humanity.

Humid in Panama City arrrgh

Niaou. Good clean info. I was actually wanting to make a table and some other of your clean tips but was too lazy to google it. Thanks for reading my mind!


Tub Cat doesn't claim to have telepathy but certainly knows when you have been good or bad.

Tub Cat has seen things.... terrible things....

What kind of things?

Tub Cat once saw a post where images were pasted in a manner where part of the code was still displaying in the text of the post. shudders

Ok, phew! I thought it might have been something I posted... !

@tubcat this is literally the best post ever for me...so many questions anwered, tanku

As always, @tubcat sensei, thank you! The space between a heading and a paragraph has irked me every freakin' time - it just looks so untidy - and I tried scanning the markdown sheet to find a solution and nothing. I shall now implement this into my latest post, so many many thanks! Love Lali xx

You are very welcome, unwashed student. :)

Practice Header 1.0

These little faint lines are created using the code:
< hr >
Amazing right?

Yes amazing.

I overlooked this when initially reading because I was on my phone:

  1. How do you insert code without it reading it as code and applying that format to the post? < hr > as seen in the image below:


  1. For the line separator: "< hr >" also try using three underscores without space: ___


To show the code you're using use ` on either side of the line of code.

it will then display like this

There's a couple of different ways of doing almost every formatting technique. Tub Cat prefers to just remember the one that is the simplest (or the easiest one to remember). Using <br> and <hr> was easy to remember so Tub Cat stuck with that method.

You're probably right and it seems to work better. As I just experienced this now trying to create a post where <hr> worked better than ___.

I also just ran into a bit of an issue when trying to use the <center> code along with # for centering my header. The header formatting was being applied to all of the text that followed. Regardless of what I put in between: returns, spaces, tubs, ducks... you name it.

When using <center> you need to use </center> at the end of the heading. This way, you've told Steemit where you want to centering to end. This will fix your problem.

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