Tub Cat’s Curation Trail - Update

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For the unwashed humans who are not aware, Tub Cat created his own curation trail roughly one month ago.

The trail is designed to maximise curation rewards. With some votes going to humans who are more washed than the average human but in need of The Cat Who Bathes Frequently’s support.

Observe the generation of curation rewards for the past 7 days below!

Do these earnings impress you? The Cat Who is Perpetually Clean hopes they do not.

You see, human who smells poorly, The Cat Whose Hygiene is Next to None has made more through manual curation in the past. So this would suggest that his curation trail needs adjustment, likely with the current allocation of voting percentages.

But this isn’t to say that curation isn’t an excellent way to increase the Cat Who Uses Incredible Volumes of Soap’s Steem holdings. It is indeed, human of questionable odour. Observe!

One month of curating has netted this Cat of Incredible Shininess more than 40 Steem. And for minimal effort at that.

And during this time the Cat Whose Intellect is Directly Related to His Standard of Hygiene powered up an additional 640 Steem. So based on this, the coming 30 days should only improve.

In short, The Cat Who is Perpetually Moist shall make some adjustments to his curation trail. If you wish to follow the trail then search for it in @steemauto.

If you believe you are worthy to be included as one of the accounts receiving automatic votes from Tub Cat then state your case below!


!giphy bathtub

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giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Tub Cat does not appreciate a Tub Dog.

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i don't have a frequent enough posting schedule to be of much use to a vote trail, I don't understand why I am on a couple of small ones, but for those trails looking to maximize curation there are certainly better more frequent more scheduled posters. I can recommend @elsiekjay a 3speak d-tuber that is consistent and does a nice job and I like her post because Nairobi City has the most colorful buses of anywhere. Also if you like reading or listening to stories read to you, (quality ones, home made ones, self published one), then an Author/artist that does a great job on the video, reading, and writing front is @prydefoltz. I'm not real sure what you are looking for content wise, but two very different content producers and both have good content.

You should have hit @lucylin up earlier with a comment, then I would have found you earlier, and I just can not pass up the opportunity to mention some people when others are looking for things to vote on, My vote is not that great yet, and I have a lot of people I try to vote on so anyone that helps keep content producers on steem block chain that I like I mention. (I do try to spread the mentions all around)

Good suggestions, human. I shall scrutinise their creations to determine their worthiness.

Your vote will grow with time. My account has been grown without financial investment. And keep creating content yourself.

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