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RE: LINK THE FUTURE - TRON Ecosystem Virtual Conference 2020

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I am having trouble finding my Passwords and stuff for the tronlink wallet,
I need a tutorial on making this stupid thing work, I'll have to get it done soon so my Tron does not jsut get burned in a dead wallet

please help!

having all kinds of trouble with this!!!



First of all, lost tronlink password will not lead to TRX loss. keep the private key of your tron address safe, then your TRX will be safe.

I guess you are using the Tronlink Chrome extension, right? if yes try the below steps:

  1. remove tronlink extension from chrome. type "chrome://extensions" in the address bar, you can see all your extensions.
  2. Install the tronlink extension again.
  3. Import the private key of your Tron address again. it will require you to set a new password.

I am having trouble finding my Passwords and STUFF for the tronlink wallet...

Never got the other schizznit
No Private Key, no seed nothing

Tronlink is working with my old wallet
I would have linked that to Steem, but
no info was found to do it. ‍♂️

I am guessing my phone did not save the PDF, I found where those files are.
Fortunately it's just a little TRX. I will be fine if the wallet I connected gets my next Tron PaymentS!!!

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