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RE: Can We Change The UI to Display Rewards in USD?

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Wait wait wait, You wanna tell me that if i get rewarded by 10 SBD i can trade it for 50 STEEM ?

I don't understand how can SBD be higher than the US dollar if it's designed to be around the US dollar price.

It's so weird can someone please explain it to me, I have no idea how all this system works.
I really enjoy the platform, But i have basically zero idea how the whole system works.
I know that STEEM is the main token.
STEEM POWER is your influence.
But what is SBD for and why it's higher than the US dollar if it's designed to be at the same price ?

Should i just keep my money in SBD, Rather than STEEM ?

Thank you for your help!


yes, right now you get maybe 7 Steem for 1 SBD because SBD is trading at over $14 at the time of writing
so yeah, this blockchain is very generous with its rewards
lets advertise it and grow its user base

Wow that is so good to know!
Basically SBD is more valuable than STEEM at the moment.
But i don't understand how it's so high, i mean i'm not complaining. I just want to understand how all this system works.


It depends on the external markets and not on the internal markets. For example, SBD is traded lower on the internal markets because of less demand or trade volume. On Bittrex and hitbtc for example, it is traded at much higher volumes with more demand and so the price is higher there.

If you convert on the internal market, you will not get this same value for by your SBD.

This is why, although SBD has increased by much, the average value in USD on my account has not really changed.


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