Value DAC's - Might a 100, 1000+ be interested in joining as members?

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Wondering if people may be interested in joining some form of membership groups...



Have created or helped create numerous groups that help to add and share value in various ways. To continue and capitalize on such experiences and experiences. Had interest from many to join more than @steemprentice which was created as a membership group. Membership started at 10 STEEM and went up as value went up from voting and curation rewards. Also higher prices were shared in value adding more voting power/value as well.

Curation Rewards

Started with voting for authors that provided more curation rewards by using various resources and voting on some top authors. This further supported these authors and used curation rewards to reward members who had content that didn't produce much rewards. Thinking such may be a good way to help some smaller "minnows" earn more STEEM as curation rewards are shared with members.

Cost / Distribution

The idea started when STEEM was around just $0.10. Over time STEEM had go up to around $7 at a peak in value. All the while sharing curation rewards with members. Usually in the form of STEEM so users could choose to power up or use however they wish. Could be sent as a power up. Felt this is better left up to the user to choose. In liquid STEEM form they could use however they wanted. Some bigger contributors contributed as much as 1000 STEEM which was capped to keep everyone within some scale of one to 100 to better share this form of wealth creation. With such STEEM shared over time there is sort of a dollar cost averaging. There have also been other projects with different value propositions. Thinking to offer this kind of thing again and play with some new ideas again if people are interested.

Played with ideas of disbursing and reinvesting parts of the disbursements to build up the base value between growing and sharing and always preserving a certain level of base voting power of around 5000 STEEM POWER.

Please feel free to comment feedback, ideas, suggestions, and thoughts as well. Numerous in the community proposed such in the past with this idea and others. Lastly will be disbursing an end year distribution from @steemprentice around the year end as well.



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