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STAY FOR THE FRIENDS. This is exactly what I did when I came to discord, I had some serious questions I was afraid to ask on the steemit comments and than the one's I did ask I could not communicate easily enough to get any real help. I wasn't long before my questions were answered but than I stayed for the great friends I met. I invite you to have the same experience and be happy to have people to talk to and ask the important questions and get the real answers. I look forward to meeting you on discord.

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How are you subscribed to the discord?

if you click on the VostokArmy invite and follow the instruction I think you can find us, This is the way I did it too, try it :)

И где же попугай???

My Parrot is with us now, when we go to russia we have a friend that watches him, although now they don't want to do it anymore, it's too much work, i can certainly appreciate this because i know the dedication it takes, sometimes it's overwhelming . he is really good though, but like a small child always wants something

is this a new community ???

this community has been around for almost a year

send u request

i see you found your way, we are available

I just recently joined your channel and just looking at the recent chat I can really see how fun inside the channel is.

yes, there Is quite a bit of engagement always and easier format to communicate in as well :)

very nice content i like this

well come by and say hello :)

I am coming :)

your link is already in my group for witness votes :)

It wasn't long before my questions were answered but than I stayed for the great friends I met. Ditto - my experience exactly - thanks again.

overall I think it's a pretty great thing, it takes a ton of my time but than what good in this world comes easy right?

:) I can't figure this one out