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RE: Steem Secrets #11 (Delivered By @sissyjill): On Steemit, To Attain "Greatness" And Draw People In Using Just Your Post, You Will Need To Work At Impressing Yourself First.

in #steemit4 years ago

This is simply awesome! Like you read me in a book... Sometimes i actually marvel at my works, but i still wonder if others will do same.

Quite recently, i wrote a piece, when i was done, i read it to myself. The effect was so amazing i drooled... Then i realized, that is the real me, not the fake that just wants some upvotes and some careless money.. This was the me inside that wanted to truly live and reach out to people.

So i learnt something that day, that whatever you write, say, do.. Is first to/for yourself, before it is to/for anyone else. When you have internalized this, then you are commanding the minds of people, they always want to dance to your music.

Thanks for all you consistently make me realize @steemsecrets. Special thanks to @sissyjill this time.



But there is history involved to attain "greatness", so the context of the steem secret above was, when you go back to old lines and it still marvels you profoundly, because with evolution, what impressed you may no longer impress you. Here is what i am saying, lemme see if i can paint a valid scenario: you know of teardrops, untalented, steemsecrets, surpassinggoogle, steemgigs, visit my intropost and read it in its undertone and you will grasp what i am driving at

Really, there are some i never knew about, just reading it now... Like steemgigs, tearsdrop...... I never knew there are still beneficiary platform........ Thanks @surpassinggoogle

Exactly. Another food of thought. Fruitful and meaningful secrets revealed.

Thank you @steemsecrets for continuing revealing those inspiring secrets poste
Thank you also @surpassinggoogle for your continous support.

OK. I grasp your point, but i'll still look the intros up. I understand... I suggested it in one of the comments here, that if your present self impresses your past self, then you're in the right path.

Thanks for pointing this out @surpassinggoogle. Going to your intros ASAP!

We should see you appearing on steemsecrets soon. There is a contact portion in the post

Yes, i really want to. I'm part of steem gigs discord, but i would love to know what it will take to be a real part of of steemsecrets.

nothing much. everyone will gradually be on it. i am reachable

Okay. I'll stay tuned then. Thanks.

Yeah exactly

No wonder! your such a remarkable individual, selflessness,and generosity, By making a mark in this community, everyone is always there to support you in return. Wise, words sir!!!! @surpassinggoogle

yaah you are right!we should impress ourself first if we impressed so finally ready will also impress need quality not quantityof content! great @sissyjill for caluable listen!

Thank you @addys. Those are words by @steemsecrets. Please upvoge @steemgigs as a witness thank you.

People fail because they want to live the dream of others. Everyone was created for a reason. Discovering oneself is the greatest gift to impact on humanity positively.

I think we lose sight of ourselves in the quest to impress others. That i why many atimes, even though people get so impressed with our words and actions, we still remain unfulfilled... We are our first audience!

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