Steemit Is A Waste Of Time

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It is hard to not talk about Steemit with my friends, and occasionally one will follow my lead and sign up. I recently caught up with one friend who joined and wrote three blogs... all of which were thing that he had written before.  We had a conversation after a networking meeting.

I asked him why he wasn't doing Steemit anymore?

He said...

"Steemit is a waste of time. I posted a few posts and made about $.30 cents total. Most of that was from you. I found it to be a total waste of time."


To be honest, I thanked him for trying it out and he said he can see how it would be cool for those making hundreds of dollars each post. He also said the idea is cool, but he doesn't really understand cryptocurrency and doesn't really have an interest now that the bubble popped on Bitcoin.

Hey... that is just what he said... don't get mad at me. I didn't really feel like getting into it about how wrong he was. I just thanked him for trying and maybe if the price goes up, he'll come back. 

I walked away sad that my friend didn't see the value in Steemit, but it did make me realize something about the platform. It really isn't for everyone. Some people have the gift to create content, but others don't. You can build up your Steemit reputation by commenting on other people's stuff and voting, but even that takes a long time to build up an account.

Steemit is tough. I've built my account up from scratch with nothing more than a willingness and dedication to figure out crypto and Steemit. I wanted to be one of those people that make a couple hundred per post. I'm not there yet and after almost a year, I'm not even close. But what I have done is create a way to generate some crypto on a regular basis and build my portfolio while building my Steemit voting power.

It has taken me over 500 posts and thousands of comments to be where I am. It is hard, but it is not a waste of time. I believe in the platform. The thing is, that SBD I earned last summer may have been worth $1 then but it worth $2 now. At one point it was worth around $15. It is a good investment.

I don't think it is a waste of time if you have something to say. If you like the community and if you like being a content creator. If you are on Steemit to get rich quick, it is a waste of time. This is a get rich slow platform... and I think that is awesome.

What are your thoughts?

Let me know in the comments below. 


yeah tell me about it, i've got like almost 5,500 comments and still no $100 post (...jk, i have zero post), but hey you're right the $1 SBD and $1 Steem I earned when I first got here oday, i do need to learn not to give it all away.... damn you Comedy Open Mic!

I don't think it is a waste of time if you have something to say. If you like the community and if you like being a content creator.

this is 99% truth for content creators of all types here (excluding the investors who just plock down 1 million and rent to bots...but that's no different from buying a franchise that pays 30-40% pa), for the vast majority, you have to find you niche and your tribe here aka community, no escape from that

still this is much easier and lower barrier of entry than many real life efforts, or even setting up your own blog, or even wordpress, or even your own monetize google, youtube, twitter, instagram.......not easy fast money, but it is way-way easier

You do a lot for the platform and that says a lot. It'll come back to you! I have had monetized accounts and I have made more off Steemit than any of those. Although I've put more time into this. lol
The bots thing is interesting and there are some people making good money doing it. I would rather spend my time writing a few extra blogs that day. That's just me. To each their own.
Thanks for all the support @dj123. I really appreciate it.

i think it soaks up more time because of the engagement, it's real people, making it a real network, how social it is or not, well that depends on the individual, but i have to admit if not for chat tools like discord, it would be somewhat less engaging

That is true. Discord is nice, but I'm still getting used to it. You're right though, meaningful interactions take a lot longer. At least the almost no trolling helps. lol

lol you should use the voice function in discord it's popular with the real Comedy Open Mic kinds like Bryan (Butty), Amir, just chat, it's like being in the same room as all of them....go try it

The major issue with me is that your posts can never, ever make money after the first time you are awarded your steem money for each one. It's a one-time earning.
After that, your post is solely making money for the steemit owner, attracting traffic to their product. ( except for the case if you leave links to your own personal site, and you gain traffic that way )

Then become a Steem owner, get as much Steem Power as you can as Steem grow from $1.5 to $15 over the next 12 months (which I think realistically can happen), evergreen is the concept you're after. This can be implemented on the Web interface level, it does not have to be implemented at the blockchain level.

Good to see you commenting again, you've been gone for a long time, do share, I'm sure there is a greater userbase to day looking to listen to your ideas.

Anyone who thinks they can quit their job and open a steemit account and blog for a living, is in for a tough ride. Steemit is not the place to make a quick buck out of nothing.

I've had four people I know create steemit accounts and only one of the four blogs regularly today. I even donated (hard earned) Steem to their accounts to encourage them. But no. Too busy with instagram and FB. I'd like to see what's in their Facebook wallet for all their time and effort. Oh nothing? Too bad. What a waste of time. @ironshield

HAHAHAHA, "their facebook wallet" You are right my friend. But some people need those likes on facebook to feel like they are loved. I prefer Steem. lol.
I'm in the same boat. I have one friend, @gank who has joined and is kicking ass. He loves crypto though, so it is easier for him.
Have a great day!

Couldn’t agree more more with the “get rich slow” comment. It really does take someone seeing that long term value to stick around. I get nervous when I tell friends about Steemit and their only questions and comments are about money. Makes me think they will do a couple posts and then lose interest.

I think the difference is that you need to have a “WHY” for posting, and then understand the long term value. There is a lot of opportunity here, but not for those who arent willing to really invest back into the community too.

Great post!

You are very right... the "why" is often what separate the successful from the pack. I have the same problem with friends too. They want to talk about money, but that is what makes this site different. If they don't understand the value of crypto in general, and the long term potential, then it is hard to convince them of the importance of Steem. It'll get there though, I have no doubt.
Thank you so much for reading and the great reply.
I really appreciate it.

Right there with ya bros.

My man! Thank you. I hope you are doing well.

Steemit is still in its infancy. I don't think people are looking long-term. A lot of the videos and posts that suck us in to Steemit tell us how much money we can make, but they don't explain it like you did. You are right, it's a get rich slow platform. You really do need to have something to say. You can't just post and expect the money to flow in.

A cool thing about Steemit, I think, is that it's quite useful if you are new to crypto. I learn something new everyday, and that should be the hook that gets people in.

First of all, welcome to steemit and you got a new follower.
Second, you are right and the key to everything. For those that want to learn about crypto, Steemit is a mandatory platform. I've learned a ton being on Steemit. For those that are not interested in crypto, then the reward is just monetary based and not community and knowledge based. For them, they can't see the long term benefits.
I appreciate the great reply and good luck!

I have been doing extensive research on how to become successful on steemit because I have recently just joined the community. I have read many positive articles as well as negative. Your title really attracted me to this post because I really want to make sure this is something worth pursuing before I invest too much time into it. However, I am creating a brand and steemit is just one of the many platforms I plan to utilize. Good luck to you, I hope you are able to start making those $100 posts!

That sounds awesome and welcome to Steemit. It is a tough platform to get some traction, but I love the community. With the reward system, everyone is generally nice and helpful. I think that is the best part about the platform to be honest. The people. I'm glad you are one of those people too. I have a lot of helpful steemit posts if you scroll down. Good luck man, you got a new follower.

Yes, Steemit is not a get rich quick platform. You have to be patient. You have to believe in it and in what you are doing. Otherwise, it will not work. People think the paltry rewards from their posts are not worth their time. They are either used to making big money or don't need the money. So, to each his own. And you are right, Steemit is not for every one.

Thanks man. How people perceive their need for money is important too. For me, on the money side, I look at steemit like an investment. The SP is an investment and the crypto I bought from SBD is an investment. Looking long term I think we will all be winners. Thanks for the reply.

I’ve had the same conversation with the majority of my friends man! I’m sure they’ll catch on later but by that stage you’ll be well established and generating $100 posts. Good luck!

Thanks man, and welcome to steemit. You got a new follower.
It takes time, but anything worth while takes time. That is true in all things.

If you are on Steemit to get rich quick, it is a waste of time. This is a get rich slow platform... and I think that is awesome.

What more do we need to add?

Have fun!!

HAHAHA, thank you. I appreciate it. I know it is true for me at least. lol You got a new follower. Thanks for the read and reply.

Steemit is hard work. But i can say its easier than making money through youtube content or blog ad revenue.

I couldn't agree more. I've done both and they are a lot of work with little reward. The best part is, here on Steemit, the community is so great that even if I'm not making a ton of money, I feel rewarded by the audience. You got a new follower.

Thank you for your follow. I hope you like my content.

when i was joined this platform i also thought here i earn money easily without any struggle day by day i learned this lesson it is not easy to make money on this platform but very struggle is here to earn fat and be rich..

lol, no it is not easy. It's a struggle, but with effort and a unique perspective... it can be done! Good luck. You got a new follower.

you are right sir

I was doing mostly the same shit for free on Discus so any amount of money is way better than none. Sometimes I go back there to recruit people. It's like that fake Harriet Tubman quote about trying to free the slaves,

"I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew that they were slaves.".

Patience is the key, keep doing great and spread all the goods things. Steem not wasting time for me.

You are 100% right. I'm right there with you! I appreciate the read and reply, you got a new follower.

Haaaaa same thing happens when I recommend Steemit to a few friends. I'm kinda new to this platform still. It was so damn hard when I first started but I've been adjusting and learned what's best for me being a content creator. One thing I gotta say tho, the love of doing so! :D Wowow! over a year on Steemit! You're a beast! :) ❤

I dont think its a waste of time..People are earning huge amounts through steemit!!

Walkingkeys? I'm actually a member of both Steemit and HubPages. From what I have gathered, HubPages would likely earn me much more money in the near future than Steemit would if I were more active on it than I am. However, I find myself posting more articles here on Steemit inasmuch as I have more of an interest in writing about controversial subjects than merely human-interest topics and I don't feel as though I have to contend with censorship here on Steemit as much as I do on the HubPages writing platform. In other words, there is more freedom of speech here on Steemit than on HubPages. At the same time, I wouldn't mind earning a little extra money here on Steemit once I have enough posted on my Steemit channel that people will know where to find my articles. Steemit has been a long, bumpy journey for me, but I don't regret it for one minute. By the way, I liked your article.