The Cops Are Out Of Control... And The Solution Will Not Come From Government

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Sorry for my absence everyone... It's been a rough last week, personally. Without going into too much detail; my car got impounded, I had to move apartments, and some personal dramas unfolded in a not so pleasant way...All in the game and all that... still makes for a depressing week.

All of that aside, I have seen more and more evidence in my first hand experiences Here in New Orleans and Louisiana in general; THE COPS ARE OUT OF FUCKING CONTROL. Just today, Louisiana Attorney General, Jeff Landry, announced his decision not to criminally charge either of the two (WHITE )Baton Rouge police officers responsible for the death of Alton Sterling, a Black man selling CD's outside of a convenience store. Crying shame, that one. read up here if you'd like to be outraged a bit more:

The main issue that I see here is that Officers are routinely given every signal from their superiors, and from the State and Federal Judiciaries, THAT THEY WILL BE PROTECTED EVEN IF THEY KILL SOMEONE. The damning quote below:

"The police officers involved in the shooting were Howie Lake II and Blane Salamoni. Lake had three years of law enforcement experience which included a previous shooting of an African American male. He was subsequently placed on a department-mandated leave; Salamoni had four years of experience.[10] Salamoni and Lake had both been previously investigated and cleared by their department for allegedly having used excessive force"


So now, this officer "Howie Lake II" has SHOT 2 BLACK MEN in 3 years, and has never once seen consequences past paid leave. I think that speaks for itself.

These two men are MURDERERS regardless of what The State says about their actions:


I'm from The Southern US, and here, especially in the company of only other White people, most White folks say the word "Black" and really mean "thug, criminal, gangster, scary". It's embedded in the language. Legitimately, a significant amount of White people here are instinctively trained to fear Black people. It's subtle, and expresses itself in seemingly innocuous ways.... White people here make sure to say so if they are discussing Black people/persons. You'll hardly ever hear "Oh yeah, we hired this great new guy at the office, Marcus."
It's always " We hired a black man at the office today." White people don't tell you the person they are discussing is White, it is assumed. Not so with any other race. Subtleties of expression and Language like this continue to reinforce racist attitudes at a below-conscious level, for many people at least. THE COPS HAVE THIS SYNDROME WORSE THAN ANYONE ELSE. THEY ARE THE WEAPONIZED EXPRESSION OF WHITE FEAR IN THE SOUTH. This results in this exact scenario: A Black man reaches for his cell phone in his pocket and gets gunned down because the cops assume violent intent much more readily than in the same situation with a White man instead of a Black man. This is not something that can be changed by legislature. Changing this requires years of cultural evolution, and a change in the hiring practices and workplace culture of police forces countrywide.

In addition to the ongoing issue of Racially Motivated Police Brutality, it is becoming apparent that New Orleans is ground-zero for the next generation of State Surveillance technology. A recently unearthed agreement between NOPD and the private security firm Palantir, paved the way for dozens of networked surveillance cameras to be installed in various neighborhoods all throughout New Orleans. No votes, no warnings, no community oversight. These cameras literally went up overnight, one right in front of my fucking house, just watching us and flashing its blue and red lights into my living room. Read in depth here:

It's maybe not something most folks are willing to say, but I think the only real solution here is for the cops to consistently suffer consequences when they kill people... they should be more afraid of what will happen if they kill someone, than getting killed in action themselves. Isn't that the whole point of being a cop? For one to put aside their own well-being and health to serve their community? Whether it be at the hands of the State, or at the hands of an organized and unafraid citizenry: COPS MUST BE AFRAID OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF MURDERING PEOPLE. THE STATE WILL NOT AID US IN THIS EFFORT BECAUSE ITS' INTERESTS ARE NOT OUR OWN.


Sadly, cops are the same all over the world - ruthless and notorious. :(

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That's bad news bro hope you sort everything out 👍

I'll be just fine :) I appreciate you !

Not a problem buddy 🤜🤛

It is not just in the states that cops are out of control but some are here to in the UK...good post, thanks for letting the world know about this...

Yeah, I mean there are abuses of power the world over. I'm just speaking on what is in my area of direct experience. I imagine I'll see some protests this week over Louisiana's decision not to charge those cops. People here get upset real easy and take to the streets like it's a fucking job. It's kind of nice compared to the apathy I saw back in Texas.

Great pot and I agree. I think people do not think much about this issue because they feel it will not affect them personally but by the time it reaches you it is too late. They are certainly out of control and feel like they can literally get away with murder. And this is not a color issue no matter you color or the color of the cop, you can be treated badly. Not all cops but the good ones will not call the bad ones out which makes them complicit in the crimes. We have to stand up against them is the right attitude because it will not stop until the people force change. Sorry to hear about your bad week. It will get better hang in there and keep writing good stuff.

I agree with most everything you've said here. Except for the "it's not a color issue" part. It absolutely is a color issue. If you lived where I do, it would be painfully obvious.

Thanks for your reply. Let me clarify what I am saying. I mean two things. 1. That bad cops are also shooting and jacking up White people in parts of the country. I have seen videos where unarmed White people have been straight up killed for no reason. 2. That if White people think that these fools will only do it to Black people if they are left uncontrolled, they are mistaken. Yes Black people are the major targets but as the police continue to grow bolder they will begin to target everyone. So this is everyone's problem and it needs to be dealt with by all of us. Be safe.

Ok, well put. I agree.

Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

Well said.

A big problem comes with the "us against them" mentality. In police training they teach, almost preach, that they should do whatever is needed for them and their fellow officers to come home that day. Which I completely agree with to a point. Police officers should be of the personality type to be willing to put themselves into danger to help others. Not laying down lead at the first hint of trouble. Far too often small movements or any movement is immediately viewed as pulling or reaching for a gun. You should have to visibly see/identify the gun before firing. Sorry. This "He moved quickly" shit just isn't gonna fly anymore. Plus, how is it even remotely possible that someone can draw a weapon from their waistband (or wherever), draw it, and fire upon the officer within a fraction of a second? These officers are out there shooting people for moving. Not drawing a weapon. Drawing a gun is reaching for the gun, gripping into the waistband, drawing the gun, bringing it up, and pointing it. Sure it can happen quickly. I just don't see how it's justifiable to shoot someone for simply moving.

Yes thank you! This is my point exactly.

sad.. what can anyone do ?! :)) :(

Alton Sterling, a repeat felon threatening to shoot people outside of a convenience store who violently resisted arrest and went for a gun.

Those are not the facts of the situation. That's the Fox News version. I'm not going to engage you on this. I also am merely using that specific case to highlight SYSTEMIC issues. If you're going to pick apart the credibility of this specific example as a way of justifying your worldview, you certainly can do that. The thing is, I can provide literally hundreds of irrefutable examples of police abuse of power along racially motivated lines.

The problem is that you picked a case that the police did nothing wrong in and when you do that then you ruin the credibility of all those cases where the police did do something wrong. Pick a better example then. I like how you won't address the facts, because they ruin your argument.

I don't want to engage you because I know exactly what you are. A troll. I'm not in the habit of feeding trolls. Fuck off so real humans who give a shit about other humans can get down to the business of making our world a better place.


And if you think the police did nothing wrong here, then my earlier assessment that you are scum has been proven correct.


Plus, if you read the article I linked, it tells you that the owner of the convenience store (the guy who called the cops) TOLD THE POLICE ALTON WAS NOT THE PERSON HE WAS REFERRING TO IN HIS POLICE CALL.

He had a gun and was a felon right?

What you are doing right now is called cherrypicking. It means you are selectively choosing facts to support your view, while leaving out anything that contradicts it. Yes he had a gun. Baton Rouge is a rough fucking place, and yes he was a felon. But neither of those things means he deserved to die, or that the cops handled themselves well. The video clearly shows him not reaching for his weapon, not resisting. Honestly you're a cancer and I think if i spend another second thinking about you, then I'll be wasting my very precious time on scum.

It's not cherry picking, I am just trying to establish some facts, so now we know he was a felon with a gun, and he was committing a felony of selling pirated CDs, it looked to me like he was resisting arrest and going for his gun. I know you will be thinking about me all day given your double and triple replies to my comment just adding to your cherry picked facts. Funny you describe him so innocently, why leave out the facts I included?

Also, the cops did not know he was a felon at the time of the encounter, so they were not conducting themselves as though they were approaching a known felon. Either way, not an excuse to execute him.

so it's an "execution" when you defend yourself from an armed felon?

I also read your Blog and it's clear you are as nonsensically paranoid as they come, and likely an Alex Jones fanboy... so I think your credibility is somewhat lacking.

That's funny, you push a totally false and misleading narrative about someone innocently selling CDs being wrongly killed by the police and my credibility is in question. Better to go for the ad hominem instead of addressing any of the facts.

I appreciate your blog
I love your post

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thats very bad news. I hope everything becomes ok for you. May god bless you

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Just because some cops act like dumbasses
doesn't mean all of them are
Cops are humans just like you and me
They just happen to be working as a cop
one of the most underrated jobs in my oppinion
i mean we need cops in our everyday life
but they still get hate for it

Maybe so. I'm not saying we need to get rid of cops. I'm saying the culture of most police forces (especially in the south where I live) are toxic, racist, and far too trigger happy.

Plus, it's a job that holds the power of Life and Death, every day. There are no excuses for "ANY" bad cops. Don't you get that? The standards must be raised.

Also, If i may use a metaphor: Police forces are like Horses pulling a wagon. Which one sets the pace of the team, the fastest horse or the slowest horse? I'll answer that for you. The team can only go as fast as the maximum speed of the slowest horse. Does that clear it up for you? Perhaps the tried and true "one bad apple spoils the whole bunch?" I've got more if you still are struggling to get it.

Yeah i get what you are saying.

I am not saying that you said anything wrong

it is just my oppinion :)

Right... well I'm trying to tell you that your "opinion" is misinformed and not based in real world logic. You should change it. The whole "well it's my opinion" thing is what people say when they can't back up their beliefs, but are so ego-invested in it, that they won't change. I hope that's not you.

What do you mean can't back up ?

i just said that i don't think that all cops are Asses

i have met really nice cops and i even got friends with them.

I guess you didn't ever take any logic or reasoning classes eh? Because what you are providing now is called "anecdotal evidence" and is in no way worth anything. I am saying there are MASSIVE SYSTEMIC ISSUES in police forces here in the States, which is provable by data and all kinds of empirical evidence, and you are just like "hurr durr some cops are nice."

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