The number of views from this video just got me all excited ( Yes! motivated too!)

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It's been 6 months!

A little more but yeah, around 6 months of creating contents. It's been such a journey and it got pretty intense when I started to make videos (almost) DAILY..


DTube | DLive | Youtube

I got 144 videos in total (DTube + DLive). I store all my vids on YOUTUBE as I feel like it's a good idea..

Reasons :

  • DTube don't keep the videos forever
  • The videos could earn 7 days (Yes, active income, that is)

So WHY NOT ? To be able to have all the videos kept in one place forever (?) is good but to be able to do more things about it, that would be even better..

I have been putting in a lot in my videos and try to avoid 'Just Talk' type. Just want to make it worth the love and you know, I really would love to build the real audience. Yes, it's dang hard on the Steem Blockchain, especially lately. Though, I keep doing what I've been doing still.

What a noob!

I am considering myself a noob! As the first video I put on DTube 6 months ago, that's literally my first video and I didn't know anything about editing. I have been learning along the way.

I have been improving, really!

A pixel phone > A gimbal (Zhiyun SmoothQ) > Tripod > CANON M 50 > RøDE Video Micro > A bigger gimbal (Zhiyun Crane M) > Mini tripod > Monopod...

Now I feel like I have enough, at least, for now.

My video generations

My style of videos has been changing a lot... and many types have been created also. Before this it's more like a day vlog.. Nowadays, I tend to go place by place and let each place/topic has its own video.

Somehow today (Too much time? Nah, not really), I was on my Youtube channel and scroll down just to look around..

It's been 5 generations!

From messy ones, minimalis ones, now I kinda organize the story in 4 pics have it in one cover photo



but.. that's not what I found and got me all excited.

I saw this one video.. one of the first few ones I created YAOWARAT (เยาวราช)- BANGKOK'S CHINATOWN - Street food tour 2018


That's the number I saw and I was like, 'Whatttttt!?' and also told myself 'It's happening!'..

Any other videos have less than 100 views though LOLOL but come on, even it's just 20 views, I am excited already. Before this when I first started, to ask some friends to watch them and get, like, 10 views was dang hard!

That's how I got an idea and the motivation to ANALYSE how that happens..? and will be working my butt off on the niche / keyword.


** All my works either on Youtube or linked to my Steem profile. As it's my base here on the blockchain.

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It's so compact and affordable. Yes! It's great for vlogging as well :)
Great sound creates great video contents so yes, the mic needed
This thing makes my life so much easier.

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All copy and photos are original content by me.

Lots of lots of love,
Mo ❤

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dude as I said before you are a legit STEEM FREAK!!!
that is so much content!!! :O

Wow, you are amazing keep this up! Love it :)

I shall subscribe to your YouTube channel right now.... ♥

Wow congrats!

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Thank you! It's just that one vid though hahaha :D❤️

You have a nice and good strategy on making vlog....

Woohoo!! I'm so happy for you! Keep it up!

Thank you, thank you! hahaha :) ❤️

Just make posts and have fun :)
Your videos are cool :)

Thank you Koitttt! and yeah, you're right for the 'Have fun' part but some other factors needed to be added as well. ❤️

When you mix everything, you get a very tasty cocktail...and yes it is true all put in there :)

I started listening to the song and the playlist goes on.. I didn't stop for hours!!! hahaha ❤️

You've done an extreme amount of work and I'm happy to see your great progress. It also helps that you have a great attitude during these bear markets. How DO you manage THAT? :D

Oh my god, what a COINCIDENCE!

How DO you manage THAT?

This evening I was just on the roof top filming a video about that and I literally mentioned YOUR steemit name @overkillcoin as it was some kinda RANT video HAHAHAHAH ! I will mention you once the post comes out in a few days.

OH MYYYYY!!! Actually, it's not a coincidence. It's a sign!!!! hahaha.

Good evening, friend.

Good evening, friend.