A full Indexed list of all Steemit Apps!

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The Steemit community is booming. There's a myriad of coders and developers producing wonderful tools to help Steemit users thrive and make money out of their passions and work.

Find here a full list of 68 apps developed for Steemit users.

  1. Steemwiki: http://www.steemwiki.com
  2. Steemit Feed for Joomla: A simple Joomla module that displays a feed of your Steemit posts. https://steemit.com/steemit/@joomla-tips/display-your-steemit-blog-in-your-joomla-website-with-this-free-extension]
  3. EZSTEEM: A CLI suite for mining/node setup http://github.com/omotherhen/EZSTEEM
  4. Steem Cloud: A realtime wordcloud based of posts on Steem. http://steem.cloud
  5. SteemUps: SteemUps analyzes and suggests newest posts that are most likely to go viral on Steem. http://steemups.com
  6. Steemit.chat: Official Steemit chat. http://steemit.chat
  7. Steemit Estimator: Steemit Estimator. http://steemit-estimator.herokuapp.com
  8. Steemit Forum: Providing a forum for discussion around SteemIt and tools to help use SteemIt. http://www.steemitforum.com
  9. SteemJs: The JavaScript API for Steem blockchain. https://www.npmjs.com/package/steem
  10. SteemIQ: Analyzes how your writing is. http://steemiq.me
  11. Steem on Telegram: A channel on Telegram Messaging App dedicated to Steem. http://telegram.me/steem_en
  12. Steem Story: A minimalistic site telling individual Steemians stories. http://steemstory.com
  13. SteemPayout Find out how much Steem Power, Steem Dollars and $$$ your post is worth. http://steempayout.com/
  14. SteemPressure: A simple application which lets you store your Steem private keys outside of the browser. http://github.com/NathanHourt/SteemPressure
  15. Piston: The Swiff Army Knife for the Steem network. A command line tool for simplified blockchain querying. http://piston.rocks
  16. SteemitX: Visualisation of SteemStream with options to pause, filter users. http://steemitx.com
  17. SteemDollar: Overview of live conversion rates of SBD, Steem and more. http://steemdollar.com
  18. Posting Status: Will your next post payout still be worth 100%? http://steemdollar.com/limitstatus.php?name=steemit
  19. Steemd Steem block explorer. http://steemd.com
  20. Steemle Search engine, a meta data analyzer and an api provider. http://steemle.com/charts.php
  21. Steemit - Steemd: Quickly Switch Between Steemit.com and Steemd.com. http://steem.link/487SR
  22. SteemBoard: Steem reading board, better way to filter, read posts. https://steemboard.io
  23. SteemitMeta: Realtime & Historic Price Charts for Steem and Steemdollar. http://www.steemitmeta.com
  24. Steem URL: A url shortener for Steemit. http://steemurl.com
  25. Steem Center: A wiki with articles for both new users and developers alike. http://steem.center
  26. Steem Mobile - eSteem Mobile Application for Steem. https://github.com/feruzm/esteem
  27. Steemlets List of handy bookmarklets for Steem. http://steemlets.com/
  28. Steem PricesCheck Steem and SBD against other cryptocurrency and against fiat. http://steemprices.com
  29. Steem.li Realtime Voting Tools. http://steem.li
  30. Steem Analytics: What do the people (on the richlist) vote on? http://steemanalytics.it
  31. Steem Share: The Dedicated Steem Post List Organizer and Discovery Platform. http://steemshare.com
  32. SteemitChat: Chatting for Steem. http://steemitchat.com
  33. SteemPress: A simple blog view based on steemit and the steem blockchain. http://steempress.io
  34. Streemian: Make a profit off your content by streeming your posts from elsewhere into steemit.com. http://streemian.com
  35. SteemMarket: Buy, Sell and Rent Goods and Services with Steem. http://steemmarket.sharetribe.com
  36. Steem H-Index: Calculates how popular your writing is. http://seed.zapto.org/hindex/
  37. Power Down Wealth Checker: Compare your Steemit Wealth against the wolds average monthly disposable salaries. http://www.steemdollar.com/powerdown_map.php?name=dantheman
  38. Steem Shovel: Steem Search Engine. http://steemshovel.com
  39. Steemit Random Discover a Random Post. http://steem.link/Steemit-Random
  40. Steemroll: A live feed showing all comments and replies in realtime. http://steemroll.io
  41. Steemit GoToBlog: Easily Go to a Blog. https://steemit.com/steem/@bitcoiner/steemit-gotoblog-easily-go-to-a-blog
  42. SteemImg: Steemit Image Hosting service for your posts. http://steeming.com
  43. Steem Loto: The first Steem Dollar Lottery. http://steemloto.com
  44. SteemSpot: Spot, Share and Discover steemers around the world. http://steemspot.com
  45. SteemitPond: A real-time visualization of current Steemit activity - with an aquatic theme. http://steemitpond.com
  46. Steem-OP-Graph: Explore your followers, follower count and the Steemit Network Graph. http://steem-o-graph.com
  47. SteemStats: Stats about the Blockchain and individual Steem users. http://steemstats.com
  48. Steemy: Fully-Native iOS and Android App. https://steemit.com/steemit/@steemapp/introducing-steemy-fully-native-ios-android-apps-for-steem
  49. Steem Whales: A rankings website for Steemians. http://steemwhales.com
  50. Steemit Help: A platform which helps you get the best answers for your questions! http://www.steemithelp.com
  51. Screem: The first alternative social network to Steemit. http://github.com/NateBrune/Screem
  52. Steemy or Not?: Vote On Steemy Hot People. http://steemyornot.com
  53. Steem Payments: Open source P2P Steem payment processor. http://www.steempayments.com
  54. Piston.web: First open source Steem GUI. http://github.com/xeroc/piston
  55. Catch a Whale: A site dedicated to whale sightings on Steemit. http://catchawhale.com
  56. Steemification: Steemification adds notification when you get a new reply or upvote on your posts. http://steemit.com/steemit/@fleuri/steemit-notifications-browser-extension-download-now
  57. Steem Paperwallet: Easily secure your account with Steem Paperwallet Generator. http://github.com/xeroc/steem-paperwallet/releases/tag/0.3
  58. SteemCap: Compare the steem marketcap against it's competition. http://www.steemcap.com
  59. Steemdown: Which whales are powering down? http://steemdown.com
  60. SteemViz: Steemviz displays all new posts, votes, comments, users, blocks, transfers and trades on the steem network blockchain in real time. http://steemviz.com
  61. Steemit CountDown: Easily Monitor Elapsed Times of Posts. http://steem.link/5ReUv
  62. Steem.ly: A url shortener for Steemit. http://steem.ly
  63. SteemStream: View all activity for all Steem users realtime. With Desktop notifications, speed analysis and more. http://steemstream.com
  64. Steemwatch: Steem notification center. http://steemwatch.com
  65. Steem.link: A url shortener for Steemit. http://steem.link
  66. StreemFighter: A battle of the steempowers. http://steemfighter.com
  67. Noteefi: Stay Tuned with Steemit Using Telegram! https://telegram.me/noteefi_bot
  68. Steem.cool: Precise Live Reputation Viewer. http://steem.cool

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Thank you for your vote... please share so people use the tools... and I earn some Steem... :) It took some time!!! :p

good list, unfortunately majority of them don't work

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