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It looks like steemit is back up and running fully. I will be trying to get some promotion bots on this post and see how it does. I think they fixed the problem for smaller accounts when they multiplied the RC by 10. But if you are a new account with a little bit of SP and want more RC than send me a hey in the comments. I will be giving 8 or so full votes today and maybe redo this all week.

I want steemit to be a community that helps each other and if you are interested in being a part of the community and help the network grow let me know. Tell me what you write about or why you joined steemit.

And if you have more than 100 SP comment anyways, if I do not get enough people these votes will have to go somwhere.

Also I think this hardfork can really can these site grow. Tweaks can always be made as we go.

Let me know if you are having any issues.



Wow... Is this is for real??

Thank you for doing this this! It is much appreciated! This post is my thoughts on everything that happened after Hf20 was implemented. I hope you don't mind me posting a link here, I would be interested in your feedback if you have a chance to read it.

Many users experience a problem when the power of a vote drops sharply the first time a block chain is used after the HF20.
As we were told, the problem will be resolved within 5 days and will not require hard work. But this did not happen. Bandwidth 1 post, 1 comment and 2 apa. I think many of us have problems even with comments.

I think they have fixed it now. Here is a full vote :)

I hope I'm able to post a comment😉 Let's see!
I've been on Steemit for 2 months already. I earned my 7 seem power. Yesterday I power it up, but it didn't actually help😂
I like this platform, like communicating with people, like telling about my trips and life. But I must say, it's quite frustrating when you aren't able to do it anymore:( when you need to choose either you write a post or two comments... I thought it was everything about communication here...

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It is a temporary glitch as we move to a system that can scale better. I think they handled it pretty well and I like the multi-colour news panels on the top of the page. Keep communicating and making original content :)


It's like one of my best posts:) But it usually takes around 70 upvotes to get to 1$.

Thank you 😊

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If all the whale is like you steemit will be better place for all.. I stop using this for months because i think this site is for whales and dolphins only. We work hard for our content but it's a waste of time you need to buy upvote to get an upvote. this is only my opinion.

I would like to see another change on how rewards are divided each day to help smaller accounts as well.

hey whatageek :)


Thank you for such an initiative, and really there were problems with posting and voting a couple of days ago. Now it is more or less stabilized, as it seems to me.


You are to kind for this world!

I have less than 100SP. But I could go a little over 100SP if I powered up everything I have. But also delegated 25SP to Steem-ua. Which probably gets me below 100 SP.

I would say I qualify for a 25%-50% upvote 😀

I'll see how my voting power is later :)

I will also upvote a person with under 100SP

that's nice from Your side.:)

Both of you are very helpful

Thanks @tsnaks, go team.


I will only vote a couple, like 2-3
because I need to charge my VP up to 85%

I don't worry about that stuff anymore. I rather spread out the love and have beow 50% VP. That's me , though. To each his own

this is kewl! giving upvotes to plankton is a good gesture and helps make the community grow.

ye they fixed the RC for newbies! A tip for the upcoming Free upvote posts like that would be to use tags like giveaway or contest and then i bet you will see tons of people coming in here :P ( they are lurking in these tags :P)

lol I'll do that for tomorrows.

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hey!, great initiative that will be appreciated by many! Looking to start posting again now that things have stabilized!

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It looks great so far.

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Good luck in all your efforts, I think free upvotes will be pleasant to everyone!

It is pleasant to see that someone supports newbies, it is very hard to increase the Steem Power, it turns out slowly.

I want steemit to be a community that helps each other and if you are interested in being a part of the community and help the network grow let me know. Tell me what you write about or why you joined steemit.

I love this type of Action you are taking @ewhatageek. It keeps people inspired and motivated to stay here and produce worthwhile Content.

To make things interesting I will full Upvote those same people you do to get the ball rolling :)

Thanks @robertandrew, go community.