The Daily Contest: Lets Get A Conversation Going

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Hey everyone,

Thank you for all the entries from yesterdays contest. We are really starting to grow here. Not only was there some great photos but i like to people commenting on each others posts :).

Speaking of conversations lets see how many we can start in this thread. All you have to do is start a topic and respond to someone else's topic. Think of it as a get to know you session :p. It can be about games or art or movies or a passion you have. But please no politics or religion. And be nice.

-There will be 3 full upvotes for the ones who start the longest conversations (and maybe one for the most interesting). Plus a bunch of smaller ones for runner-ups and replies.
-You also have to respond to someone else's comment to qualify
-Please resteem this post.

That is it. And as usually please follow me on twitter to know when contests go live.



I like turtles. How about you?

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A friend of me did too. He loved them so much that he decided he wanted to give the turtle a kiss on its mouth. The turtle did disagree and did bite him in his lip and decided not to let go.
Took some time before the turtle released his lip.
To bad, but this a true story :)

I had a friend that did the exact same thing

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Lol. I guess he doesn't like turtles anymore.

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Don't know, I don't see him anymore. Maybe he went a step to far with a real ocean turtle :)

Lucky he didn’t fancy a blowjob


ninja turtles (-:

For the fun question :)

They are my favorite creature!

What species do you like best?

Greetings everyone! (first time participant here lol)

I will keep my question short and simple. I am teacher and love giving this question to my kids because it allows them to use their self advocacy skill. I will change the topic to fit the platform though lol.

"do you think everyone deserves respect and upvotes for just creating ANY content on this platform. Is quality a factor anymore, or are we just trying to milk every penny out of steemit while we can?"

Hey thanks for participating :)

I think yes everyone deserves respect for sure.

And as for quality I think at this time we need to focus more on making this platform fun and social then worrying about quality. Quality is important but making this a great community brings more value than a well-written article. We got caught up in this quality argument for too long.

Well respect is only seems to be given to those who use the platform responsibly and don't upvote their own posts using bots or auto votes.

I think the argument can be said that quality really doesn't matter anymore at all. We want people to be engaging and talking to one another, rather then creating. Your success on this platform comes down to your "socialness" rather than your actual post.

I would say that milking pennies has become the main thing on Steemit. Bot voting and strategic voting seem to be the main thing just now.

Quality or quantity?
As this happens we neglect newbies and by that future growth for all. If we look at income throughout the world. "Small pennies" mean a lot for a majority of the worlds population.

Lets all eat cake!
I feel that all the big players are eating to much of the cake right now. It has to stop if we really want Steemit to grow and make an impact.

I have seen the same milking pennies trend for a while now as well friend.

Well I think the newbies need to prove themselves and it comes down to them being social, rather then them actually making content.

The big boys need to spread the wealth. the question is how do we do that?

Think it is hard to be social when established "voting groups" or bots rule the platform. I see lots of people trying, but the majority drops out when they see low or no rise in power.

A good rule, or curtesy would be to try to vote on people that support your own posts.

Im just concerned that if you didn’t establish yourself early in steemit then there is no reason to come here now when crypto prices are crap and then the whales play favorites. Curtesy can only go so far in the survival of this platform. Can newbies even make it on here anymore?

It is though!

That's an interesting question. Though, "any" post doesn't deserve everyone's upvote, I believe it sure deserves everyone's respect. I hope Steemit will not only be for those who creates what others believe to be a quality post, rather it stays to be a community that welcomes diversity, embraces flaws and promotes the freedom to express oneself in any form. I love how most people are nice and friendly towards each other here in Steemit, and I guess that makes it so much better than other platforms.

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Respect comes with quality though right? If you copy and paste content you're shunned, no matter how active or social you are. Diversity is cool but most channels are specific in what they talk about. The bitcoin and crypto pages get talked about more for a reason. The less popular stuff gets shoved to the way side. So is this platform "really" about content creation, or is about crypto and penny shaving?

I think people take full advantage of bots and thats why you see so much divide on this platform. I don't respect people who pay to upvote their own posts with bots.

See blaze I totally understand where you’re coming from. I think bots are helpful for new content creators to get their content seen on the trending page. After a certain point though it does become an abuse of resources and then the community can see that

I think that in the long run, quality will win in the end. Respect is the order of the day, on this site. We all need to treat each other with kindness and promote self worth. I do not not up-vote any old post, that is thrown together. I must enjoy it and get something from the author. We do not want to send the wrong message out, that it is totally o.k. to bend the rules, just for up-votes.
But offer respect..always..we all deserve it!

I respect your opinion my friend, however I am not sure I agree with the fact content will win in the end. Participation breads the mindset of just "i upvote you if you upvote me". It doesn't really matter the quality because unless people still participate then this platform will not be as successful as it could be. So I will ask you this, would you rather have a LARGE interactive audience or a SMALL less interactive but high quality content?

Maybe I want the best quality..and be true, to who I am. No point in being repetitive for up-votes and not being sincere. At least I wont't use people. Some people have left the site because they were not true to who they really are. Becomes boring.

I would ask you to look outside your own view point and think about the platform as a whole. We need people to participate and that means taking on those that have less than great content. I respect your desire for having high quality content but we need people here to believe they can make a profit, otherwise steemit won't last.

Participation and inclusion is vital. While quality is important a discussion of its definition can go on and on. let the reader/viewer decide whether or not they appreciate the post. I''ve judged children's K-3 art work to select the best, although all entrants were on display, and quality is not as easy to determine as some suggest.

I suppose you're correct that "interest or eye of the beholder" will determine whether or not a post gets praise. I just fear that new comers will see the up hill climb necessary to get a good vote and not be willing to put in the effort and just leave.

You could be right.

Content of all kinds is important, at least to get a good, solid base. Much of that content can evolve to become quality with time and practice, so for me I would have to say yes it's a requirement. Definitely don't want to limit what could potentially be great content just because it's in its early stages rather than in its prime!

Thank you for this question!

Well we all have to start somewhere and a persons first post is always going to rough around the edges. Hopefully they grow and improve their skills.

You're so welcome.

Thanks for the question. We need to make steem easier for new users and I do have an idea for a better split of rewards I want to post about.

Awesome! Thanks so much. It was nice to talk with everyone over this topic.

Hi there! I'm Rainbw, and I am fairly new to Steemit and all things crypto. I work a normal full-time job, but my passions lately have been revolving around gaming and livestreaming. I've been at it for over a year now, over on Mixer. I also love to read, love discovering new music, dancing, and design.

My challenge to you is to answer this: pineapple on pizza, why or why not?

Hey Rainbw :)
Welcome to steemit. This is a great site to help you build your other profiles and build more income.
You can share your livestreaming link if you like :)

And yes, it is delicious :p

Pineapple belongs!! Getting hungry just thinking about it!

I'm very interested in learning but am slow on the uptake 😅

However, my gameplay, albeit not exactly the best out there, is at least entertaining!

Thank you!!

Absolutely!!! Can't barely eat any other pizza!

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Because pineapple. :p

Aw yiss thank you!

Why not?! :) I love Pizza Hawaii ;) wondering if there could be any vegetarian version of it....
maybe just skip the meat :)

Is tofu vegetarian? I never know these things anymore haha

Probably GMO :) but who cares ;)

Pineapple on pizza is a yes for me, because... why not? =)

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Yes!!! High five 😁

I start the conversation with a question:

What will cause the collapse of the currencies in the cryptocurrency market?

I think it is the hash war and timing. This is the fourth time bitcoin dropped 80% so it looks like 4k was the number to hit. I am not saying invest or that we hit bottom but literally each drop in the past years has been around that 80% number so it makes sense we are there again.

Let's hope that history will repeat itself once more!
I did learn my lesson now and will take some profit :(

sure thing for me... as i sold my first 20 btc for $5 each back in 2012 :)
very happy deed :D becaue I embraced crypto for life!

I did only enter the crypto game last December.
My first purchase was verge was I did sell 10 days later with 500% profit.
Little bit sad at the moment that that happened 😂

How to keep your heart ?

I succeed (not easy) by surrender and accepting what I feel...
feelings are treasures and gold of the new age! ;)
I'm sure you can embrace them!
Even the dark ones!
it is all human.... the curse not being animal... just because they live for free on this planet and we're smart enough to pay rent and food (not my case tho...) ;)

You need to be receptive to being yourself. Be yourself. Say what you want. Wear whatever you want. Do whatever you like. Do not do what people want and what others dictate. Do not get up every morning to please people in the way you wear your clothes or how to speak or How to walk
. Just give up your self then give yourself your self deserve the pride I love and cherish it give it what it deserves People may think that this is arrogance and jealousy in yourself But you give yourself the right It deserves it You deserve to demonstrate that you love it ... The world in which we live Today where many people who want Your heart, the people we love and want them to enter, keep your heart because everything you do flows from it

There is no mistake in taking your time and choosing from opening up your heart and expelling them because not everyone deserves a chair in your life

Some people want to waste your time, some want to steal your love and some parts of your good spirit, some people just want to pass the mother on your wound, some people want to exploit your goodness, some want to distort your heart, some want
Your exploitation

Unfortunately, when you open your heart to people you open yourself to receive all kinds of positive and negative energy, whether good or bad, values ​​people before you allow them to stay emotionally with you, because not everyone deserves a room in your heart, you choose to keep your heart to you and to dirty people hypocrisy and deceit And slanders, keep your heart pure and pure
When I say keep your heart I mean your inner nuclei, your feelings, your desires, your choices, your thoughts, your dreams, your faith ... keep them because they make you be, if you taint the thoughts of others no longer yourself

Your wise word speaks the truth, my friend...
very powerful! let it flow...

Greetings from South Africa

I have a question - Do you guys think it is right to buy reputation? I thought reputation was to be earned. With bidbots, people are actually not only buying votes but also reputation. Reputation was supposed to be earned by creating good content!! Reputation is now a false measure of good content!!

The reputation system has not been a strong one from the start. Buying rep is the least of its problems :p. Maybe it will change in the future.
Thank you for the comment and entering the contest :)

I think it is not right to buy reputation
It is best to earn it with the quality of your articles and work

high-five from South Africa I agree. I was sold on this platform because good content is rewarded. I understand that playing the game is beneficial, but so far I haven't seen the cream rising to the top. Perhaps it's teething problems?

The bods was not a problem like this in the beginning, the teething problems only started later - LOL

Well, let's see if I can start an interesting topic.
At the moment there are lots of clones of Steem coming life. I have 2 questions about this:

  • Are you besides steem also active on a steem like platform so a platform where you get rewards for posting, upvoting or commenting?
  • Do you think that these platform have a reason of existence because did neglect to invest more time into the communities?

My own answers:

  • Yes, I am also active on Scorum. But I don't cross post. Scorum is a steem fork and is focused on sports.
  • Yes, I do believe that if steem would have jumped stronger on the communities, there would have been less reason to switch from platform.

@whatageek: great concept!

What other platforms or faucet do you know to get coins? Without investment there is no scam, you should know a lot about Crypto for your profession.

You have:

  • Scorum
  • whaleshares

And a lot of others.

Hello what others? please ... I am new to the cryptocurrency, I only know steemit, I would like other recommendations ... Thank you.

Those are the only ones I do know.

ah ok. Thank´s

Its about faith.... new crypto space is the new deal about getting a job online ;)
#STEEM in particular! ;)

Hi there -I was briefly on dlive when it was here and after it moved to the lino blockchain. I decided not to continue to publish content there as I did not agree with how they chose to handle what should have been a clear violation of basic common sense, decency and ToS. The folks I met were nice, but the one situation ruined it for me. There was also a distinct lack of other real content aside from livestreaming and video uploads which was unfortunate.

As for the follow up, I think you answered your own question. I think offshoots have their purpose in pursuing a deeper interest in a specific subject, passion or hobby, just as i think steemit is a great way to get a lot of content in one place. I believe both are necessary!

Thanks for this question!

SMTs should provide a lot of opportunities

This is interesting. My creativity in starting a conversation is limited to saying "Hello" only. Haha. But I want to participate, so let me try..

Where are you from, and what do you do? =)

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Well I am from Belgium and in real life I am an information Analyst.
And you?

Hello @fullcoverbetting. =) I am from Philippines, and I'm working as a Public Health Nurse.

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Belgium the beautiful Belgium, I was in Brussels in 2009 and Bruges, (waffles and French fries with mayonnaise and chopped onion) I am from Venezuela and I am a Pharmaceutical industrial mechanic.

Hi @theonlyway
You are describing a friet special :) Normally it also has ketchup.
Hope you also tasted some of our famous beers, if you like beer of course!


I'm from Bulgaria... now in Greece nothing different than the bunch of ppl here around...

We can’t ignore it that we are all the same.
We had burglars last Monday and a Turkish family, friends of my oldest son, came over to check if we were alright! That was heart warming!

Great comment to get to know people :) And respect for your profession.

Hello my name is ahmanik\nI am stay this platform more than 130 days. \nI think steemit platform is a great platform when you know your place but we are not know our place so we are not able get support from another steemian.\n\nFinally i find out you as hero of steemian. Thanks sir @whatageek for your support \n\nPosted using Partiko Android

If winners are not announced i would like to talk on the issue of black young men impersonating white men just to have a relationship with white ladies. I think this is so bad because it has left so many women emotionally traumatized. However, i think this boys impersonate because they felt coming to approach the white ladies with their real identity, they will be turned down.

What are your thoughts on this.?

This is my first time of entry your contest.

The contest rules are very interesting and unique to follow, more interesting.😂

Very intetesting way to leep the steeming and engaging on this platform....steem on👌

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What is art? Is this photo a work of art?

poma (3).jpg

Do the tools and method used to create the work define art. Or, is it the artist's intent that matters?

What do you 💭 think could be the secret behind the two seas that is not mixing together?


It a misery that i felt only God can explain. However, the two waters may have some different cohesive chemical components or elements apart from the normal Hydrogen and Oxygen.

I thought as much, its a mystery and I felt as is its only God that know the uncovered rock behind the two sea.

Would you rather your Dad walk in on you fucking your dog..... or your dog walk in on you fucking your dad?