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RE: Steem Secrets #3 (Delivered By @enjieneer): "Rewards" On Steemit Involve Way Bigger Things Than "Money". Abeg, Shine Your Eyes!

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While I do hope to earn a lot more on all my posts, if that was the only reason I wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be putting so much effort into it. I was able to find my first readers for my fiction on steemit. I’ve made friends from all over the world who I am already making plans to meet. More than anything, I’ve seen new possibilities open up in front of my eyes. even if steemit were to fail, I now know that something like this is possible!


Hahaha, so those are the other things that you have been doing

@enjieneer is "whale" inside. Abeg follow her and @steemsecrets if you haven't, not to miss out on the fastest-rarest "steemit" speed-up knowledge given out in assimilateable sweetbits and love.

Thanks for sharing @steemsecrets sir and that was awesome.

I'm also planning to finally some of the members here that I get to interact with! I'm pretty excited to see them in person ☺️❤

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