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So two nights ago we were doing a little Steemit surfing, after long hours of setting up this new  @wildcosmos account and publishing our first promo posts. @wildcosmos is a 'professional' account - we're using it for indy blockchain publishing. A few days work setting it up and we had the beginnings, at least, of a pretty-looking blog. Nice intro video, nice introductory post (or so we like to think!).

So then we go and do some late night surfing, as mentioned. We were using our own personal accounts, not @wildcosmos. But occasionally we would need to log into @wildcosmos for something and then log out again, as you do on Steemit. And in the process, tired and bleary eyed, one of us managed to accidentally RESTEEM a blog post which they liked to the @wildcosmos account rather than to their own.

Oh no!

Quick. Find the unresteem option! Quick quick!

But could we find one? You probably already know the answer to that.

Google the problem then! Yet still no help. The last mention of any unresteem option that we could find was back LAST YEAR, when the feature was supposedly being worked on.

So once you resteem on Steemit, that's it.

Okay, so it's not the end of the world. And we do love the blogger who we accidentally resteemed onto our blog. Though maybe his use of the word S**T in capital letters on the header ain't so great for the appearance of our indy publishing blog?

We set about trying to think of a creative solution. Was it too late for the blogger to edit the title of his post - so that some stranger who has accidentally resteemed it could pretty up his own list of posts? Do we contact the blogger and ask him for such a strange favour? Is the stupid idiot lack of a resteem option on Steemit really making us face such bleary-eyed late night decisions as this one?

Yes. It would appear so.

This kind of thing is annoying, is what it is.

Doubly annoying because we really do love what the Steem blockchain has enabled for people all around the world, and we've been big fans pretty much since its release. But we wonder what any kind of truly professional business outfit would make of these clumsy limitations if they were to come here and put a stake in the platform. Because the lack of an unresteem option is only one of the many silly, unnecessary niggles we ALL still have to put with on the platform.

We don't mean to gripe. We don't much like griping. But seriously, these things need to be faced at some point.

I mean, look at the Steemit Post Editor for God's sake.

It's still exactly the same horrible, anti-intuitive, anti-noob experience that it was LAST YEAR, with not a single improvement that we can see. For beginners, it still acts like a firewall of confusion and clumsiness rather than a creative portal into the Steemit infoverse.

And we could go on and on ...

Really, we feel ignorant and a little concerned. 

What is going on? Why is it taking forever for the most basic front-end improvements to be made upon this remarkable technology? Why is the front-end experience of Steemit so sadly neglected by its own developers? Do they even have a team dedicated to the front-end (and if so, what do they actually do all day? Answers in the comments section please ...).

Anyway, we just needed to vent this little annoyance, even if only by turning it into a blog post and making something good out of it.

There. It's vented.

Steem on!



Hello @wildcosmos, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thanks for the upvote @creativecrypto. We just came across your mag/website recently. Hugely impressed by the quality and now following.

If we can build a following here @wildcosmos we will be more than happy to host links to the mag in our future posts. Good to support each other, especially when we're trying to create a new publishing space from scratch ...

We've also been working on a Steemit directory @steembluepages, which we've just posted:

@creativecrypto has been listed at the top of the EPublishing section. Will continue to promote the mag however we can. Cheers!

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