Ebay/Craigslist of Steem

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

What better way to add value to a currency than a way to spend it without exchange fees? Why are so few taking advantage of a "classifieds" tag? You could potentially make money from something even if it failed to sell.

Seems like an opportunity for a 3rd party app to make a killing.

One issue with using the "classifieds" tag is that there is no enforcement if the seller never delivers. Ebay has feedback and Paypal will hold funds if there is a dispute. Since there is so much anonymity in cryptocurrency, it makes trading a little sketchy.

Have thoughts on how to build trust and/or overcome the limitations of the platform in its current state? Leave a comment.


I do have thoughts. Using @steembasicincome as a currency! When you pay someone, instead of paying them in STEEM, an immediate, irrevocable act, you pay them in SBI shares. You'll both get a long-term positive outcome, and if they prove to be unreliable, there's a third party to appeal to in the operator of SBI and/or you can campaign publicly to have their posts downvoted by the amount that they would be receiving from the SBI shares. Several ways to mediate disputes that rest both in your own hands, and in the hands of others.

I found your post because I also wonder why there aren't more ways to buy/sell goods on the platform. I think there also needs to be a central account that lists goods for sale in some sort of index, because to be at all effective, there would need to be enough listed for sale that it'd be pretty obnoxious to scroll through all the offerings.

That said, I have some Magic cards I'd like to sell for SBI! If you know anybody who wants to buy magic:the gathering, let me know!