humans what we need

in #steemitlast year

Everyone ,since the beginning of time can basically be said to have 2 objectives in life . The first is having needs and the second is fulling the needs. Once receiving these need will determine success or failure. As we all know and understand that each of us have different needs. In most cases today it all about money.

I newborn baby's need is to drink milk and the fulfillment of this need is mostly fulfilled by the mother. If this newborn's needs are fulfilled, he or she will grow up healthy . Soon the baby will be strong enough and will be able to fend for themselves.

Now I come to my topic that I would like to talk about and that is how do we go about getting our needs fulfilled. In most religious groups it is said that The Almighty. Yet people will do anything to get their needs fulfilled. this might include stealing from others to using white-collar crime and even manipulation.

On steemit we have the lots of steemians who have been making a killing manipulating the system. Originally it was a fair platform and the developers had good intentions ( or so I believe) . The best post will get the best upvotes. This rarely happen (contrary to what we made to believe).

Like in live the rich always have the last say. So all I am asking is for us the little steemians to get together and work as a small but a big united force too really look for good posts and upvote accordingly. I now I am winking in the dark and 99% of steemians will never read this post nor join me in doing the right thing.