My Covert Efforts to Bring Cool to Steemit has a First Success! Meet the Geeks Behind @joyoftech Webcomics!

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Remember this bit from my "introduceyourself" post?

I did some extensive traveling myself, starting from spending a month in England in 2001 surfing couches of online acquaintances (the really cool peeps of DiscworldMUD) & sleeping every night in a new town, years before it became mainstream. The account of that particular adventure lies somewhere in the archives of the Joy of Tech webcomic forums. Since then I hitchhiked between Khabarovsk & Vladivostok, was probably one non Indian guy in Bhimashankar on Mahashivaratri, and then hanged out for a week in Mumbai slums.

Well, I recently went back to the Geek Culture to dig up the link to the story about my adventures in England, both to check how my writing changed over the years (Spoiler: it was abysmal back then. While I may be sometimes incoherent in my writing today, it was waaaaay worse back in 2001), and to see how my favorite corner of the web is faring. I did not remember my password, but I had Snaggy's email, and contacted him about it, and I was logged into the forum promptly.

Geek Culture is ran by Nitrozac & Snaggy, who are a pair of really cool cats!

Apparently they aren't doing that great lately, even with support from their loyal fans. They did create a Patreon, and that is where I came into forum discussion about it, and told them about Steemit, and other cryptocurrencies.

Apparently they checked out Bitcoin back in 2013, and decided against accepting it, because the fees for withdrawal were worse than PayPal at the time. So, I get talking to Snaggy over email, and apparently they already joined Steemit!


Check them out at @joyoftech! And don't forget to follow, so you don't miss their intro post, as well as some other cool stuff they might post!

As a big fan of their work, I've sent them some SBD, I've wanted to do that since 2001, and now with Steemit, I can!

Now, getting into cryptos is a bit complicated, even with Steemit, which is super easy compared to some other stuff. So I point them into direction where to get some info.

Well, I hope you follow them, they bring more people to Steemit, and their fortunes would change for the better. 50% of SBD from this post I will send to @joyoftech, all liquid STEEM would be used to power them up. The other half would go toward allowing me to go to #steemfest!

Oh, by the way. Check our their webstore it has a ton of really cool swag! Sadly, they don't accept crypto yet, but hopefully this will incentivize them to add that support!

P.S. I am going to use #introduce tag, and invite you to do the same, to introduce cool people that you told about Steemit, and that joined on your recommendation. Perhaps not something that always warrants the post, but I am sure you'll know when to use it.
P.P.S. I am tagging this with #usesteem, because I hope they start accepting it soon. :-D


Thanks xanoxt! We really appreciate the very kind words and the steemit intro. :-)

I am guessing I fogot to point you towards a place where to get the questions asked. Here is a nice FAQ, and here is 101 of Steemit. :-D

Also ping me, when you get around to posting! :-D