Things Change- How to Deal With It: On Tron Foundation Buying Steemit

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Life is a dance of change. Things are always in motion and it really is the one thing we can count on.

Justin Sun has purchased Steemit, and he will integrate it into the Tron dApp ecosystem sooner than later.

I have so many good experiences over the past 2-years on Steemit and don't want this platform to change. I am comfortable and profitable here, which are the two emotional states that cause people to resist change. In order to deal with change, let go of your expectations for both profit and comfort.

I want this platform to be preserved in amber and to keep on trucking as it has, but times change. The new platform will be good, and who knows, mabey it will be exactly as it is now. I will miss any STEEM dApps I currently use and all the friends I have made along the way.

I am ready now to take on any changes. Life is a constant flux on a ball of rock orbiting the Sun. Let us raise a glass to what ever comes next!

Picture from Pixabay.


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