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RE: Steem Secrets #3 (Delivered By @enjieneer): "Rewards" On Steemit Involve Way Bigger Things Than "Money". Abeg, Shine Your Eyes!

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Enjieneer is so right!
I did not cash out any money on steemit, but I know steemit made me richer. Richer in knowledge and I connected with a lot of like-minded people. I met some in person, for example in itinerantph's Steemit meetup. It is amazing to meet the people which share the same passion, and that made my passion for blogging even stronger! Thank you steemit for this opportunity!



Same here sissy. For my first 3 months here, I didn't really try to cashout but regardless of that, I was happy. I was happy blogging and sharing my own stories, my travel adventures, my food reviews, interacting with a lot of Steemians and knowing their stories. Steemit is more than just the money indeed. Thanks for sharing sis 😘❤

True! Steemit is a passion ♥

Hahaha switie is also here

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