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RE: Back From the Dead!!!!

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Damn. That's so terrible. I'm glad you at least got this account back. What site did you chat on that's not secure? My 75 year old father's computers got hacked recently from Skype and they mirrored his bank information and made him think he took all his money and tried to get gift cards. He sent a virus too. It was someone from Pakistan. All kinds of terrrible people doing terrible things. There isn't much the FBI can do about overseas scams and hacks.


This was through Facebook messenger chat. Thanks for your comment. Wow that really sucks what happened to your dad. I work with mostly the elderly and in recent years there has been a big push to improve their internet security. I'm assuming he got his money back?

They didn't really take any money. They mirrored it somehow and made it look like they stole all his money and they'll give it back if he sends them gift cards. The attempts to withdraw from the bank failed. My dad isn't stupid enough to send gift cards. He had to disconnect all his computers and take the batteries out of his laptop.

AMATEUR hackers. Not that I am saying it would've been better if the money was actually removed. Yeah i don't know of many who would fall for the "gift card" trick.... so good for your dad! Still sucks and is an unlawful invasion of privacy, security etc