Delegate SP to yensesa, get Yensesa tokens and do so much more with them... the Binance of Africa.

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What is Yensesa

Yensesa is on the journey to become the Binance of Africa built for Africa and the Rest of the world. We are completely different and our revenues will be shared with the community of Yensesa token holders.

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 5.15.22 PM.png

How to get Yensesa Tokens

We have raised 9620.36 SP from 19 people and we are looking at reaching 50,000 SP by end of the month July. You can delegate your Steem Power to @yensesa by clicking the delegate button. Once you delegate, connect with us on discord with your bitshare username and we will send you the tokens. If you don't have a bitshare username, don't worry it takes less than 1 min to get one from here

Delegated Steem PowerDelegate LinkYensesa Tokens
10 SPDelegate100
50 SPDelegate500
100 SPDelegate1,000
250 SPDelegate2,500
500 SPDelegate5,000
1000 SPDelegate10,000
5000 SPDelegate50,000

Or, you can manually input the amount of SP you want to delegate by changing the parameter(5000) of the URL to any figure amount you want to delegate.

  • Change ’5000’ to the number you want.

Why We Need Sponsors

  • Yensesa is working towards becoming biggest crypto to fiat exchange for Africa interfacing with mobile money networks spread across Africa and we are already supporting Steem/SBD. Check us out on our website.

  • We are completely different in motivation as compared to other exchanges out there. Yensesa will be sharing it's revenues with a community of stakeholders ( Yensesa Token Holders) to help alleviate poverty and educate Africa on financial freedom.

  • The community together will be fuelling the basic income project and providing daily income of $5 per day. This is where the delegated SP becomes very important.

  • Community members can stake their Yensesa Tokens for upvotes, steem power delegations, loans and more.

  • Yensesa will also have other trading pairs for community members outside Africa to trade and get rewarded in the revenue shares.


Ques : Are non-Africans eligible for sharedrop? If so, how will they use the African exchange for 50% trading discount?

  • Yensesa is a digital and open platform being built in Africa to support Africans and everyone across the globe. In the very near feature we are going to be adding a lot more trading pairs, which non-Africans can also trade. Every member no matter your geographic location can decide to take a 50% trading fee discount or get rewarded with Yensesa tokens when you trade, you can be able to stake these tokens over a period of time for bonus, upvotes and many other rewards.

Ques : How to get the share of tokens allocated for Steemit & Bitshares members? If I write a post on Steem about you, what can I expect? And what about Bitshare members who are not on Steem?

Ques : What is the method to get an upvote through your tokens?

  • This part of the system is about to be launched. It will required token holders to stake their tokens for a % upvote, once everyday. The higher your staking or the longer you stake the higher % upvote you will get. This part of the system will be launched in the next couple of weeks.

Ques :If I don't delegate you for all 30 days and have to cancel my delegation in 2 or say 3 weeks, will I get nothing from you?

  • Every month your delegation is with us you get Yensesa tokens until you remove your delegation or until we complete the share drop. So if you delegate now and remove your delegations, you only get to keep the tokens you got when you delegated.

Ques : Where can I find the details of the team behind this project?

  • Our team is currently growing and we will be announcing new team members soon. Here is a post about our team members and advisors.

Don't forget to vote for yensesa as your witness :


Thank you for all the good you are doing for the fine people of Africa, I love them very much and everyone in this world!
♥¸.•°”˜˜”°•.✫ B★E★A★U★T★I★F★U★L ✫¸.•°”˜˜”°•.♥

I don’t have much SP but I can support you via resteem and upvote this post. I like your project. Thanks!

Joind our discord and @masterroshi will send you 10 free coins to your bitshares address!

i'm glad you like this @mcsamm. for us by us. @yensesa is our very own. the only one we have. this is a powerful medium for us to attain the financial freedom that we've always deserved.

Its Blockchain FUBU For Us By Us ... or hey how about FAMbA For Africans Made (by) Africans :D

dude either FAM (For Africans Made (by) Africans Living Impressively ) FAMALI or For Africans Making Increasing Life Yields or F.A.M.I.L.Y. :) i think acronyms are just that important and people like seeing cool organization on steem i feel like i am so behind in creating more curation trails etc etc :) gotta do a curation trail for yensesa type exchange posts where people talk about needing to cash out in africa :) VIDEOS on Dlive and DTube showing someone like @desmond41 @enockagbo1 or @steemgh just some successful Ghanian steemians, itd be cool to see how their experience is exchanging to cash in ghana, and how you doint even have to get paper cash during the process but the exchange fees of 10% hurt so bad so people can just hold YENSESA tokens and like binance it takes away HALF of ur exchange fees! so its a HUGE incentive to hold them and use THEM instead of ur exchange fees at least 50% and binance and kucoin and other clones work that way so its proven!

Yensesa is gonna be the Binance of Africa and it WILL end up being listed on more eexchanges, im sure youll get an SMt going and EOS but having airdrops to stemians and just using BTS is smart... you can use existing tools to prepare to distribute an EMPIRE!

I know so many Steemians who would LOVE to help Invest in a Binance of Africa type exchange to finally let Africans have access to crypto the way Ghanians can now on which is SUCH a Blessing to Ghana and when it comes out, Nigeria.. because MTN Mobile Money is 10% Fee to send anythinG! Imagine you wanna send $10,000 and you have to spend $1000 ? thats
just a Nope for me , so this will REALLY help Africans to stop losing money to these unnecessary middle men who just syphone and fleece people, but now we can educate the masses, Africans across the continent can start to SAVE their own intrinsically available human capital as they start earning on steem for proof of brain..

and yeah man i had a vision of our brains like CPUs just using food energy burning it chemically to supply us with the calories to run this brain! its like always over heating and im trying to overclock my brain LOLOL i need to get some sleep! but Proof of BRain is AMAIZng man! check it!

and a cool pic i also made showing steem being broadcast from wifi and 3g 4g towers in africa , we use existing infrastructure and just wait for steem to scale which hf20 is doing bro omg $2 steem $3 steem maybe tomorrow

this is a significant growth to make everyone feel happy in the community..thanks @yensesa

Thank you @mcsamm for the support and motivation.

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This is a welcome development for Africa. I look forward to trying it out.

Thank you @tobah, which country are you in?

Nigeria 🆖

Always love seeing such great projects from fellow Africans, I have a feeling this gon be a historical one. Can't wait to try the service out, Peace and Love from Rwanda!!

@ange.nkuru thank you very much for the support. Join us on discord : so we can send you your yensesa tokens for your Steem delegation.

Very interesting post greetings friend

Thank you

Interesting Project, Good Luck friends!.

Thank you

You got a 43.31% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @yensesa!

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My question is - why do they always use the same landing page layout? Every second project I am stumble upon!