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RE: My Steemit gentlemen's rules

in #steemit4 years ago

thank you very much for this rules... I also think about this since last week...
So I feel like try to brush up my article first ;) Resteemed.
Hey btw why it said about only "gentlemen"?
Probably you can make ladies version too I guess? haha :P


Hey @yo-yo! I was thinking the same thing, I like this gentlemen's agreement but maybe calling it the "Steemit Honor Code" would be good and every gender happy?

Or maybe the "Steemit Hagakure" would make also sense in Japanese? 😀 (years after seeing the excellent Ghost Dog, I still remember the name of the samurai code!)

That is a good idea :)

Ahaha, I didn't know about the movie of Hagakure and just checked it today!
I'll watch it soon ;)

PS. Jpns version would be great...😆(Just teasing you!)

I am not sure how to type Japanese in inkscape >.<

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