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As I write this the STEEM/USD is 1.02935164... Is it doom and gloom? Well let's find out.

Potential payouts are getting smaller, some people re panicking, doubt lingers in the aura of some steemians, steem dollars in conversion to steem are disappearing (not sure if that is to do with the price though). But is it all to do with steem? Not as much as people may think.

The best information I have found on this are the Steem Daily Forecast from @bateman which I follow every day now. In these reports he discusses technical analysis of steem price as well as post numbers, SAT, and new member trends.

His main theme today is that descending value of steem for the time being...

He says that steem has fallen past its previous low of 55000 sats ("Sat" is 0.00000001 Bitcoin. It is the smallest unit of Bitcoin.). And it is predicted to fall to 45000 sats. But there is a silver lining. This is a real opportunity to do some short term trades for people who are in the financial situation to do so. Which will be good for the platform in the short term.

I love his sharing of his knowledge on the Macro Events on the whole cryptocurrency world. His latest is that prices of crypto are lowering to return to a mean after an all time height. And that all of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are strongly based on the price of the Bitcoin. That has a little more space to fall.

In the meantime, be patient as rewards will be noticeably less. This too will pass :)

in a [more optimistic post}( from @stephenkendal, he points out that steemit is in for good times.

He says that steemit be punching through 250,000 Registered Accounts. And forecasts that there will be a MINIMUM Target of 650,000 Accounts by the End of the Year. That is good news...

As always I believe that great posts like this generate great conversation which is more important than the post itself. @@@stephenkendal, @borepstein, and @cryptowolf bring forward some excellent points...

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 13.11.10.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 13.14.24.png

So on this aspect we are in for good times :) The prices will rise again, and with our great community becoming so strong in numbers even if a fraction of the huge numbers are active with their own unique talent the interest base in all topics will increase and this place will be crowned and running strong among social media platforms and the digital world...

I hope this article has brought you some useful information and some peace if you are one of the steemians who is a little worried ;)

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Hope to see you all in the comments section.





You should have been here when Steem was 10 cents.... this is still great to me

Ahhh you sire are from the Golden Era :) Wish I was you.

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Much appreciated :)


Hahahaha... yup....

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Nice morning motivation

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I have a good source that says Slugworth is behind the crash.

Please tell us more

I fully agree. The good thing about Steem is it is targeted to a broader audience. Of course it's affected by fluctuation in the cryptoworld but should grow more stable as the user base becomes stronger.

Ditto... Thank you for taking the time to read this.

May I ask for are steem so this gets to a broader audience before it fades?

Headed to $0.25

Still has to go down a little, but it won't get to that bro lol

Really think so?

It is because of the Bitcoin hardfork stuff that is going to happen soon. This brings lot of uncertainty in the market and a lot of newcomers don´t have fait or what ever.... Just hold on to what you have and buy some new coins with great discount.

Yup... human emotions are what fuels the market. And once that is gone the bull will rush upwards :)

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It's time to buy no doubt about it. People who panic sell will forever regret it.

But don;t you think it will fall just a little more?

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I just picked up a load of steem!!

Nice ........

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If you have faith in steem long term, today is a good day. Load up the trucks and add to your holdings :D

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You got it :) it's good content and I usually don't resteem, so why not

Excellent post!
Plus love the pictures & quotes :)

Upvoted + resteeming :)

That means I really earned it. Thanks bro

Did you like the princess too?

Haha... maybe not the princess so ;) I like the aerobic girl at the top, the champagne popping girls, and of course any quote from lord of the rings :)

We must be patient steemians. Together spread and infect the steemit virus to people who have not yet joined us

Love that comment :) Upvoted.

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Yes, this is the time to buy, buy, buy.
Everyone that does will be smiling in a month and even bigger in three.

Got that right :)

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The fall is not due to the decline in its own value steem, but with the fall of the entire market in general.

You are right, we have to squeeze the buttocks and wait :)

I agree, the whole world is adjusting itself from hypes in every market. But you gotta be in it to win it.

May I ask for a resteem to get this message out wider :)


I don't see why anyone should be running for the exit, ever! haha This is a working network, whatever the worth I assume it's going to be a lot if not this year then the next. I'm buying more steem :D Cheers!


That's for sure... brother

May I get a resteem to get this out far and wide bro?

Be careful for short-term trending. This is going to be a huge leap for crypto. All will either go greener than ever or red than ever before. Just be patient. SBD seems like a nice investment now. Steem too, let's just wait for the Bitcoin to consolidate so we can be sure what is actually going on the crypto right now.

When I look at the Nasdaq movements they look silly, like 0. 5% per month. It's funny how we have up to 5000% difference here. This is not going to last.

I agree with keeping a sharp eye on the Bitcoin price.

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That would be good :)

Great! :) yoda!

Thank you...

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I recognize Wet Republic anywhere ;) Thanks for the useful links.

Thank you. What does WET REPLUBLIC mean?

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The picture with the girls and champagne is at Wet Republic, a club in Las Vegas.

Nice post!

thank yo sharing ..

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Thanks again

Great piece... I love the pictures!

I love the pictures too ;)

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Thanks again

The phoenix will rise again...

Yes it will. Can you please help me out by resteeming this. It will go silent soon. It is a minnow post ;)

The poloniex will rise again, even ;)

Very insightful thanks. Waiting patiently for it to be on the rise again... perhaps afyer Aug 1st... 👌😎😁

It will rise :) And any potential payments we drum up now can only go up :)

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Amazing post. What a combination of pictures and animation. Keep it up.

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Very Good Post , Thanks for Sharing. Upvoted and Followed.

Thank you :)

yes,,,, very good

very useful post. i have been wondering what increase in sign ups would really do for steemit. now i know.

Thank you. Follow me and check out my other posts. I am sure you will at lease laugh your ass off lol

are we in a market correction? seems like everything is in a downward trend.

I believe so. 2020 is going to be an interesting time. Not just for crypto.

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it's done my friend.

Everything is also tied to the price of bitcoin (except Tether)

Thanks for a great post, I was a bit worried as I am not making that much money, I guess patience is the key. Hopefully steems will rise up again soon !!
Upvoted and following

Thank you, I have only been here for 1 month and money cannot be the main focus

An excellent description of the situation @yoda1917. :c)

I do have a newbie question to ask if you don't mind.

Is STEEM linked to Bitcoin or is it linked to the dollar (via SBD), or both?

I ask as I thought that SBD was meant to be some kind of peg by which to tie the dollar with STEEM, and this is an area that I know even less about than the surface of the planet Mars.

I will answer according to my present understanding... maybe some veterans can chime in on this one. The bitcoin is the strongest and the leader among cryptocurrencies. It is very strong against the dolar as you know. And it's value against the dollar has a huge effect on the rest of the top 20 crypto currency's. Steem is just one of the top 20 crypto currency's. The steem/USD is very dependent on the BTC/USD.

Hope that helps... resteem this and let's see if some big boys can come and help answer this :)

Thank you @yoda1917 for helping to put me in the picture. As such, based on your reply, it seems that there is more of a Bitcoin influence but not absolutely so..

I did resteem to all 78 followers and I trust that somebody will resteem it themselves also - this concerns us all - even non-investors such as myself*. ^_^

(* Although I have been mulling over the possibility of powering up my account in what little way that I can - STEEM all the way!)

Dis is the face of who?

It will rumble back up!




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No need to panic! As a newbie, even i understand that's it's time to stack up a bit :) Low times will pass.
*Extra upvote for you from the Peach gif ;)

Hahahaha... glad you liked that.

May I ask for a resteem? That will help get this message out far and wide

Just like cryptoholders with weaker hands being shaken out, the same goes for weak content writers who will give up due to the low ROI, good times

I try my best :)

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Well I'm in it to win it! Good information 👍

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