Are You Part Of The Elusive Steeminati?

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Ever wonder why other Steemians make bank and you don't?

Often I'll write an amazing article only to find myself all alone.

Legend has it there's an elusive inner circle called the Steeminati

This inner group upvotes each other, redistributing their wealth amongst each other.

But for us common folk, we must grind day in and day out until that day comes

Don't write for the money, do it for the passion :D -Zach

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The Steeminati is a real thing. I don't play their games and don't pay for their votes. I just continue to do things as I always have. Post and hope that somebody appreciates my content and upvotes it. I am not a Steemit optimist thinking this platform is going to the moon. I think we are on the down slope. There are too many games being played and the platform is just broken.

Wow I never thought I'd hear you say that! I've also reached the end of road with any optimism after our jaunt to Steemfest 2. The powers at be showed a complete disregard for any concerns raised. I raised my concerns about the downvoting and flagging and was laughed or sneered at by top developers and even a few of the very nice people I met there. I took animal farm the novel with me to the fest as a reminder of my intentions to gain faith is what I saw and a flawed experiment. I left portugal disillusions. I powered down a week or so after getting home. Where are the communities? The quick log ins? Things that were so basic and promissed within weeks. I think the brains behind the whole project left quite a long time ago and when his new projects launch we'll see steemit vapourise into... steam. And I'm sad about that thought... meanwhile I did discover something at steemfest that made me upbeat. Appics. They might be what steemit could have been.

Yep - you're right, the platform needs some attention. I was hoping that we would see more hard forks but not much has happened in the last 6 months to improve things. I remain optimistic overall though, not necessarily about the steemit platform alone, but it's an excellent case study in a decentralised social network. It sort of works. As for the money, I've earned peanuts for the amount of work I've put in, but I was pleasantly surprised when the price of steem peaked. I don't think I'll ever earn any worthwhile cash though, so my attention will only be spent on here while I've got time to do so.

I still want to believe that good things will come out of this site soon.

the platform feels broken, if you just look at all the drama etc. but I think it is better, if you just follow the blogs you like, comment on them, make friendships with them. Might not be as profitable as commenting "hue hueh uehuee haejin sux lolololo" but it is the only real way to enjoy the platform for me at least! But platforms like zappl and dtube still show a lot of potential!

Never thought I'd see the day that @hilarsi is negative towards Steemit. But I agree. I just hope you realize that after a statement like that, you will never, and I mean never, get any support here, ever again.

Your account is now dead.

Steemit was dead to me at SteemFest 2.

It's so unfortunate. We all remember the optimism of 2016.

What do you mean his account is dead? Is that a threat?

Hah, no. What I mean is that one can kiss major upvotes on this platform goodbye if he or she is too negative towards Steemit.

The whales only upvote Steemit lovefests.

This setup looks corrupt to me. By the way I couldnt care less about upvotes, I'm here just for the crypto tips and because FB is too censored.

Great stuff @hilarski hopefully the team shows face with an update. Seems like everything is being geared towards the dtube as noted by @yato.

🙏🏼Thanks for this Words!!!!!!👍🏼🌸☝🏽

Yes! Sad to say but very true!
I just keep going as I used to and even try to motivate newcomers but for the first time I have my doubts, that we take the ride more down than up. It’s a shame but those games don’t stop!

Yeah, I hear you. Just do you own thing and be yourself. The results will fall where they will. I think there is still hope for the future though.

I wish not to think that way.
Let's see when bitcoin rises again from the ashes.
Let's see how steem will behave.
Again they are all humans.
If they were aliens, nobody will follow them.


you let the cat out of the bag!

Just started setting up the website a week ago....


Engagement, friends and networking helps a lot to get more support from followers. I loved this one. Thanks for your steemianti tips

There are ways Steemit could work, but unfortunately it would require either a massive change in the voting patterns of those with a lot of SP, or a fork in the code to have restrictions on self-voting, 'circle-jerk voting', etc.

I try to only ever vote for content that has not got over a $50 payout, as I think $50 is the most that someone should be expecting to receive from the platform considering the amount of great content that is going unrewarded. If more whales and dolphins played by the rule of 'ok, your post has already done well, lets share the wealth by voting on some post that hasn't', then we would see a fairer distribution. This strategy is counter-intuitive to curation rewards however.

Having an upper limit on potential earnings of a post (or even for a weeks worth of posts) is just one way of redistribution, but I havve seen very little discussion of such schemes.

The current system sucks, and ultimately only favoours whales, early adopters and a few lucky ones!

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:


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So the steem people do exist! I knew it. They are after complete control the reward pool. ;)

Great!!!! :-)))))) made my day!
Some of This are my thoughts...;-)

Perfect with the gifs!!!

Have to resteem

buy some votes and get more votes

Cheat the system... right?

It's not cheating the system

So what is it??? Then???

You paying for a vote is paying for visibility. It's not "cheating" the system to upvote your own post either, actually, that's one of the reasons for Steem Power. If it was "cheating" to do that then they wouldn't have made a check box to upvote yourself when posting a new blog post. It's not cheating the system, it's designed that way.

The system is meant to be good content gets noticed and rated. Buying votes is cheating the curation to the point steemit is a joke.

It's not cheating. As I said:
"If it was "cheating" to do that then they wouldn't have made a check box to upvote yourself when posting a new blog post. "

Use of bots is what I call cheating. Self upvoting is a right gained from rewards for curation or authorship or investment. Upvoting bots be definition cheat the system. As far as I'm concerned I see steemit as an innovative leader of the pack but ultimately a failed experiment.

Writing for passion is the key. Luck does not exist.

Haha. Great post. It's true but you have to laugh at it. Human greed is a big obstacle to overcome wherever its ugly head rears.

Just keep grinding away, and someone will notice you!

You're not wrong Zach. It's one of a few reasons that I don't post much anymore. I will still post timely things as I feel like it, but my evergreen content will go elsewhere.
I have a few whales that upvote my every post and I gain about 10 followers per post I make, but it's just annoying to see that "oh you spent literal hours analyzing data for that post, you made 99c."
However, I have an unpopular opinion that relates it to Bitcoin.
Steemit just makes it so much more visible, the wealth/power distribution. Every crypto, every currency, every platform, has the same issues. Those who get there first end up with the power and a high percentage of the wealth. You either have to bring in a large percentage of wealth from elsewhere and buy it from them or to not worry about having it.

Ash doesnt like when you disagree with her either...she'll get triggered quick.

Well, i'm not sure what i'm doing Zach but i clicked on the little up arrow thingy and it turned green. Does that mean you get $$? I hope so. Now you can get some fries to go with that shake! Lol

I think minnowers should support more minnowers and let us see how things will play out, not just waiting for whales to upvote our posts.

The stuggle is real.