3 Reasons Why I Love MinnowSupportGroup!

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Have you ever heard of Minnow Support Project?

In this post I'm going to talk about why I love MinnowSupportGroup and why you should join our community on Steemit!

1.) The Minnow Support Project is part education, community, and curation

I like the fact that upon joining the discord group people were immediately trying to help me register, give me tips and point me in the right direction about how to be a good Steemian.

2.) They encourage quality posting and thoughtful interaction

Personality: You have to be a kind and friendly person willing to help and support others. Some crass behavior is expected in a internet community, but be kind or be kicked.

3.) They are inclusive of all minnows and actually help you get votes with their bot

This is something that I think they do amazingly well. After you register you have the ability to upvote your posts and get them seen by the world. But they have limits so they encourage you to really only post quality content.

The Minnow Support Project utilizes tiered cyborg curation to facilitate non-spammy, non-shitpost, high quality, semi-manual, community curation. In effect we utilize a series of community bots to facilitate curation. Members can freely use the lowest tier bot to upvote their content. The bot is upvoted by community members using steemvoter to grow the community bot steempower, and the bot vote is followed by the community using streemian to allow the poster to get support from the community. There are timers on the lowest tier bot that force limited community upvotes from one account in a given period of time so that users aren't incentivized to upvote shit content. Additionally, the votes are made through publicly displaying the upvoted content insuring that people that do upvote their own shitpost will be quickly smacked down by the community.

Call to action!

If you want to make great friends and interact with some of the best memebers of the Steemit community, gain valuable feedback and tips for success and use the vote bot to help give your posts a bit more credit then you have nothing to lose. MinnowSupport is built by a lot of very thoughtful, kind and supportive people.

The founding members include @aggroed, @teamsteem, @ausbitbank, and @canadian-coconut.

Use the following link to join up today!

MinnowSupport Discord room: https://discord.gg/HYj4yvw

Thanks for reading!


Minnow Support Project: Problem Statement, Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Plan to help you grow from Minnow to Whale with friends in record time. - @MinnowSupport


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