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RE: Steem Secrets #10 (Delivered By @thereikiforest): On Steemit, There Are Bigger Things Than "Quality Of Content". Digest This & Your Posts Will Start Trending!

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There is actually more to steemit than just the content and quality. Steemit is very synonymous to life itself, as a matter of fact Steemit is the location for vast amounts of knowledge. I cannot over-emphase how well informed i have become through steemit.

You are even more right when you ask if we take steemit like real life. I've not been doing well on that area.

Nice one... Thank you


Steemit to me, is a citadel of learning all by itself, a potpourri of talents and subjects, steemit is indeed life to whoever wants to succeed on this planet.

Steemit is just like all-in-one package for information, socialisation, financial rewards, what else can one ask for again?

It truly is 'a whole new world' :) such a beautyfull multidimensional portal of unlimited awesomeness~!

Such a succinct summary! Loveeeee it :) Thank you @eleaza <333

Bright Blessings & Reiki Hugs :)

Very true. Steemit has really changed my life too, my habits and has helped me be a better person generally.

Same with me, Steemit has made me a better person.
I not just Steem daily but put my brain to constant function and mind to positive use too

Mind mining is one of the benefits that has accrued to me in the course of my being on this platform and it just gets better by the day.

Yesssss <3333 Soul-Conscious Mind-mining is where I am at, thanks to much help of Steemit, @surpassinggoogle and all my precious Steemit family. Thank you again @edith4angelseu. Reiki Hugs!

Right on! Keep up the great work @mickyscofield :) You are awesome and I am so Thankful that YOU ARE YOU! and that this post has provided me the opportunity to connect with you and so many members of our precious Steemit Family <333

Yes, we all have our amazing stories, and @surpassinggoogle gave us the chance to give our testimony through #untalented-adjustments. I even hope for another #untalented-adjustments because the testimony keeps growing by the day

This is great! Thank you for sharing @charleswealth. Energy is contagious and Steemit certainly spreads the 'BETTER YOURSELF' Bug ;) I am happy to have caught it! and to share it forward <333

Thank you for BEING YOU BeautyFull Soul!

for me the aspect of equating steemit to real life is also where am lagging behind

Steemit to me, has become life itself because it takes the greater part of my days and night. It is something I have come to take so seriously as it has become one of my strong sources of income.

I admire this very much @edith4angelseu, and am also incorporating Steemit further into my every activity :) I appreciate your holding space on the blockchain as you do daily! Much respect!

very knowlegable information for us..i know everyone has learned very much about this

I agree :) The 'seeds have been sown' <3333

Thank you for BEING YOU @morbyjohn! Much Love!

@ijele we are all works in progress :) and as we integrate Steemit into our daily life (and vice versa) by honoring our personal process, it becomes easier and flows naturally. No worries, every tiny bit adds up and extrapolates quick <333 We are all in this together Beautyfull. Thank you for BEING YOU!

For me, I don't stress myself about creating a quality article, i just enjoy writing and everything will follow :)

Yes @francesgardose, just enjoy what you do and everything will have a way of fixing its-self. But like this great post have made us to understand, value and timeliness is also a key factor to getting your work the proper appropriation it deserves.

@surpassinggoogle is making great impact to steemit community through @steemsecrets, hope we all benefit from this great opportunity

That's whats up! LOVE IT! Thank you for BEING YOU @francesgardose :) <333

Bright Blessings!

I also continue to learn and grow each day with the help of my fellow Steemians. I love that we have this Sacred Space to share so much with each other :)

You are even more right when you ask if we take steemit like real life. I've not been doing well on that area.

@zinonweke I am also improving in this very same way. I am happy to be in such great company Beautyfull Soul! Thank you for Being here & Thank you for BEING YOU!

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