I finally bought some steem, my first real "Altcoin" investment

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Ever since I bought BTC with my remaining dogecoins in 2014 I haven't looked back and have generally thought alts is a waste of time. Yes, I know, I missed some great opportunities. I'm still quite sad I decided against buying into ETH at $1, but that's another story for another time (probably not). 

Taking the step; It's quite exciting

From joining steemit, it took about 48 hours until I started getting excited. Now, two weeks later, I'm really excited about this platform and the prospects of being here. This is why I made my first real investment into any altcoin in 3,5 years. I bought 0.1btc worth og steem and it felt good.

Above you can see a nice SS from my transfer from polo :)

I have a lot planned for this platform, it truly excites me. Right now I'll just shortly outline what made me invest and why I'm planning on spending a lot of time writing and consuming content here.

Active investing 

For me the most interesting part about being part of steem and investing in its future is that I actually get to have my voice heard, I can make an impact. Not only can I be heard, but by sharing my word, I actually earn money and increase my investment. This is amazing, I don't think I've felt this empowered since I first started learning about Bitcoin. Normally you'd have to be a whale in order to be an "activist investor", but this is not the case here. As long as what you're saying has value, you have a voice. It's going to be really cool to partake in this community while seeing my investment grow!

Growing platform

Steemit is unique in it's own way, you're not only investing in the currency, you're becomming a shareholder in the community. When I create good content, curate others and interact with users, I earn rewards and I help the platform grow, thus earning me more rewards. 

These incentives also makes sure most users behave properly, no more "twitter eggs" ruining everyones day. Sure, you'll always have people spewing BS and negativity, but steemit should have far less problems with this than any other platform. This is a great plus as it makes people unafraid to share what they care about.

This effect is incredibly strong, as the platform has the strongest network effect I've ever come accross. When you start investing both time and money into the platform, it's VERY compelling to stay.

Here's a graph of the sites traffic:

As of writing, Steemit is ranked 4287, not bad!

With growing traffic, incentives to stay and create, it's a no brainer.

I look forward to sharing this amazing platform with you, exciting times ahead!

Thanks for reading, please consider upvoting, following and commenting!


Welcome bro.
Yes, it's embarrassing but with so much trouble in ETH grinding to halt, BTC being costly for transactions, and BTC trouble ahead, I just sank a bunch of it all into STEEM. I think it's a good shelter, and a compelling use case for crypto, and there are not enough of those in crypto!

New tech will always have problems, that's part of the fun :D
I think one of the reasons steem will succeed is that it's probably the first blockchain/crypto project that is simple and polished enough for mass adoption.

You don't really need to know anything about cryptos or blockchain to partake in this project, that's amazing.

Just like the computers did not start to gain mass adoption until there were GUIs and applications for the consumer out of the box. Steemit is maybe the first successful blockchain application and we're seeing developers make apps and other sites on top of the steem blockchain to add to this.

If nothing else, it's a really cool place to be and there's a lot of interesting people and topics being discussed :)

Congratz! It's a great investment to make

Thank you, might even learn to write along the way :D
It's gonna be great :)

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