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RE: I'm Giving Up!

in #steemit4 years ago

you know i felt the same way, sissy. and when u said you wanted to quit that time, i got sad because it seemed like i never did my best to help you. I even told @ishanvirtue and sir @wally001 about it. Im so sorry that you felt that way. Just remember that steemit is not about competing with others. stay here with us. I love you :*


Thanks sissy! Love you too! 😘

@maylyn09 I hope my past posts helps you. As I always say, we've been through harder before when we had posts which earned nothing. Even @zoeroces almost gave up before. But look at her now, she has improved a lot!

With regards to contests, I am never expecting in such. I consider contests as anti-writer's block. I won a few times but most of the contests I joined, I didn't win

Keep steeming dear.

thank you sir! I will surely read your posts. Thank you for the motivation.

You know how much I care for you. The very first time we talked and u helped me with something, i already loved u as my friend and as a sister. You have a huge heart too like @surpassinggoogle. People like you supposed to be keep in everyones heart. I love u sissy. 😙

love you too sissy, thank you for bringing me here... 😉😚

Throughly.....beginning on steemit looks quite challenging especially when one is not properly guided.
I also felt same way when i first joined...but now i am enjoying the platform, thanks to friends fort heir advise.

Like @surpassinggoogle said "everyone has something to offer" i am proud to have friends you all

yes, absolutely right! thank you for your comments...