As we scale the FVL and SD will increase.. It is the only way we can balance things fairly for everyone. It is like inflation, if you do well you beat it, if you try to cheat you loose completely and if you are mediocre you just keep steady earning.. ShadowBot is about rewarding the BEST content and boosting all members, not just the top.

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It is an internal feature that is crucial to ensuring we can scale to 1,000s of members one day. Each member can only use so much VP each day, managing that is crucial while balancing ensuring everyone gets fairly voted on.. This is why we use Shadow Rank combined with Fractional Voting Threshold and the Shadow Divider. I hope that makes a little more sense. Remember Shadow Rank is updated every Sunday at Midnight (eastern) which allows those who are performing beyond their current earning level to get a Shadow Rank boost!

OK, I understand. Thank you for your answer.
I saw my shadowrank was updated only 2 times, not all Sundays.

We have made huge changes in this release and landed on the rules/operations we needed to make things work properly. Just created a follow up post explaining this for everyone to understand a little better how we work and the ideals/design we have in place! Thanks again!

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