Fully agree with you. Hence my 100% upvote

Hey man, thanks for doing your part. Your absolutely right, plagiarism like this is not acceptable and should not be rewarded. I actually wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't a bot and this guy was plagiarizing these comments manually himself.

The community here is amazing, and if things like that were able to slide without punishment.. well... the community would definitely take a hit and everyone would have to filter out the bullshit(we technically still have to do this but it would be way worse if there wasn't any flagging feature).

When the content and community stays genuine, it gives me such rewarding, fulfilled and happy feelings.

what is going to happen to such account

Hey @rok-sivante, I commend you, my friend. And I thank you too. It's a relief to have friends on Steemit who watch out for others. I have never felt protected like I have been here in this space somehow, as public and perhaps deliberately confrontational. (It's about time, yo!)

There is such a thing as decency and even when the weeds are growing, to learn how the ecosystem is working to keep it clean both overwhelms and inspires me.

I also wanted to thank you so much for how you stepped in the other day on my blog post. I had gone back to comment and saw you were protecting my comment section and it's just pretty amazeballs.


Good work! We'll never be able to 100% wipe out abuse, but we can dramatically reduce it by downvoting it when we see it so it's less likely to be profitable.

I think comment cloning is actually a particularly destructive form of abuse since it actively disrupts and impedes discussion. If someone leaves an insightful comment on a post and it's immediately cloned, the post author and other readers have an additional barrier in determining who they should reply to for a constructive discussion.

If someone leaves an insightful comment on a post and it's immediately cloned, the post author and other readers have an additional barrier in determining who they should reply to for a constructive discussion.

This is one of the downsides of comment plagiarism. It is very funny since comments are a way of building relationship with the author. Gaming it for short term value won't help anyone in the long run

Sure it won't help anyone in the long term but do you really think that someone who does that thinks about the long term?

Hello @rok-sivante

There is a lot of work that needs to be done when it comes to abuse on this platform and when it comes to the issue of when the abuse will end. I believe that as long as the reward pool is still present there will always be individuals who will try to game the system.

On a platform like Steemit that rewards good programmers it surprises me that some one will choose to use their programming skills for bad.

There are different ways a programmer can earn a decent living on this platform. The person can help improve existing products through Utopian or look for ways to build programs that will help Improve Steemit.

Going through the dark route is not wise.

When it comes to the issue of policing, I believe that it is a commual job and one that requires constant attention. Steemit is a gem in our lives and it is left to us to protect it even though the people we look up to don't.



Spanking .gif killed me xD hahahahaha

Nice! I always find things just by looking around and going, hmm, that is weird. Then down the rabbit hole I go!

same ahaha that gif cracked me up

lol. :-)

yeah, some unusual things to be found exploring some tangents here...

Wiping out abuses 100% isn't realistic, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. I think one additional benefit of continuing a campaign against these types of abuses is that when they become effective enough the types of scammers that might come here for easy money will begin to shy away when it becomes more widely known that there are groups of people (and even bots) that effectively make it not worth their time. It is good to see that there are some here with the power to affect change to actually do so and try to make Steemit a better place for all of us.

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Oh I've had the comment sniping thing happen to me. Not only do they take your sentiment and juuuuuust change it enough, but they upvote theirs so it gets seen ahead of yours.

More often than not, this is on a comment thread of someone with fairly hefty upvote value (who can casually dish out $1 here and there), and they obviously have waaaaay too much noise in terms of engagement to see if someone is being ripped off.

It's very subtle this sort of thing too. Much easier to be sly than to rip off an entire post.

yeah, had shared this with someone and got put in contact with the person who runs SteemCleaners and they said it's becoming more common.

hopefully, there may be a solution possible such as addressed herein...

Interesting, its so they move to the top, get noticed and get upvoted by the OP? ohh man that is so freaking tacky. Smh

asking for permission to translate it into Bahasa Indonesia

Permission granted.

Please share link back here when completed, so I can be sure to upvote.

Also, would be great if you could use this translation technique to put the English translation side-by-side next to the Indonesian: A Golden Technique For The Translators Of Steemit…

Terima kasih. 🙏

Terima kasih kembali @rok-sivante
Here is the link
A bit exhausted in setting the format, need to learn Markdown style from basic, but I have made a tiny improvement in the technique you suggested. Avoid unnecessary duplication of image attachment and adding more lines to make it neat. Taking several hours to complete, but I satisfy with the result.

thanks @rok-sivante I am glad to have an opportunity to make a tiny contribution to this ecosystem.

If there are a number of others using this plagiarism strategy, it surely could be worth it to fund the development of a bot/account used to identify such activity - and if the account were funded with enough Steem Power, even flag the offending comments.

I am wondering about the possibility and conducting a little research. I find it difficult to make it as a fully automatic system. The current possible solution so far is to make a similarity checker system (like turnitin which is widely used in academic environment) and leave it to those who have enormous power in steemit to take a necessary action.

I have made a post that discuss about 'voting beggar' from querying blockchain database, which I believe more less related to this post.
Wondering if you have sometime to drop any comment to provide some feedback. I'm currently starting to figure out how to 'purify' steemit from negative behavior.

Yes sir @rok-sivante I agree with you, stop abuse in Steemit and don't plagiarism. If do abuse and plagiarism get out or go away

I feel like the plagiarism and abuse, specifically by bots has been getting worse, even in the two months I have been here. I think the best way of cutting down on it would be offensive to many people and would require a much larger approval team, KYC. If you have to submit an ID to confirm your identity, it becomes much more difficult to open multiple accounts and program them to plagiarize. Yes, you can get a fake ID and it might work to bypass the system, but it would cut down on the plethora of accounts that can be opened with just a transfer to blocktrades. It would remove privacy, so that's something to be factored in.

How do you know what a bot is? I'm very very new and oh.... not great with technology. I mean how would I know if an account was a robot?

it's mostly a matter of pattern-recognition...

in this case, I identified what was happening: an existing comment on a post being duplicated. then, I identified that a few words had been changed...

then, as I looked at more of the users' comments, I saw the exact same thing happening over and over.

that'd be alot of effort for an individual to go through. and, given that the user claims to be based in Bangladesh, I could infer that their English is probably nowhere good enough to actually have changed up the few words they did themselves.

another giveaway was that one of the comments going out from their post was in Korean. not likely they also read/write fluent Korean. and if you copy-and-paste that Korean in the "find" option of your web browser, you'll find it's actually just duplicated content from the post itself!(and, their profile also says they have an interest in AI development ).

add those points all up together... you can be pretty sure this was a bot.

for other situations...

mainly, finding a pattern of repetitive posting - whether it's outright spam, or just follows a very clear pattern with some random fluctuations that would seem very unusual for an actual person to write themselves...

Some persons are just so nut. The time you used to do copy and paste on comment why not used it to write yours. Am freaking tired of how lazy some persons are @rok-sivante

I agree, its always a balance of ideals and reality, but I always choose to err on the side of ideals just to be safe lol ;) There is a bot by @steemcleaners called @cheetah that will scan for plagiarized material when called. I'm sure you are familiar with it, what were you thinking would need to be different in a new bot?

I was put in touch with SteemCleaners and reported to them - apparently this type of comment plagiarism is becoming more common.

I'm not sure of the details of how those bots operate, however neither of them seemed to have picked off any of this offending user's comment...

perhaps it'd need to be scanning specifically for comments, with the criteria to find comments that have more than (i.e. 25%) of the same words as other comments posted on the blockchain - or something along those lines...

I think @cheetah has to be called... not 100%v sure. @patrice runs Steemcleaners and I think people help her by calling the bots..

Yes, I was referenced to her and shared the case. Seems like there may be some focus towards the issue soon... 🙏

Some great CSI work but I have to say this bot is quite intelligent in its way. Smarter than @ krguidedog to me.

I had abusereports comment on one of my posts that someone was kind enough to randomly upvote, It scared me when I saw it and was worried I was going to get flagged for someone else upvoting me. Im new here so of course I worry about these kind of things.
As for the bot plagiarizing comments, with all that effort, they should just comment instead. Makes no sense to me.

Yeah, I do see that flaw with the abusereports strategy, as it doesn’t weed out actual intentional abuse from sheer coincidence. Nonetheless, at least some progress is being made to address various forms of abuse...

hopefully this harassment does not happen again

unfortunately, quite certainly it will until a proper solution is designed and implemented...

That's not good for our community.
We as good citizens of the community should flag down these users who don't follow steem rules.

I've seen it on my posts too. I flag the user but there's not much we can do in ones and twos. This is another problem of having a monetised platform. People always figuring ways to game the system.

It gets out of control the whole bot issue

@rok-sivante I second your post.
Cleaning the steem ecosystem is a nice call from you

While this is embarrassing and quite annoying, this kind of activity dents the credibility of this platform, I mean, how laid back can one get?

I have come across some posts upvoted by cheetah for plagiarism though but we need to be extra careful with these accounts.

Certainly deserves to be flagged.

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