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RE: Are you AWESOME? - YES YOU ARE!!! - So put that awesomeness to good use and join the @STEEMITBLOGGERS community!

hi cape town here Rotterdam calling, i want to go to level 2 and enter, so many friends are there, so pleas ask around and do consider me as the new addition to steemitbloggers


Hey Hey!!!! Always awesome to meet a fellow South African!!!! - and even better a Capetonian!!!

Looking forward to receiving your app at the bus stop hon!

Rotterdam is Holland 😉

haha totally misread that - LOL!!! yes I know hahahaha!!! I read....

hi cape town here

Punctuation is important hehe ;)

Well either way - still awesome to meet you!!! and everything else said is still applicable ;)

Oooh i am vouching for Britt, @jaynie

She is awesome, talentend, team player, and loving person. She wil be an asset for steemitbloggers

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