Our "MARVELlous" Steemit Community - The @SteemitBloggers

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Ok, I was planning to get to bed early,
but sometimes,
and bedtime gets delayed!!! hahaha!!!!

So entertain me for a moment if you will,
while I give it up to our resident @steemitbloggers


for creating this
MARVELlous masterpiece for our community!!!!



There is a lot of fantastic content floating around the Steemit platform, but the reality of the matter, is that it is not always very easy to find when it is overshadowed by all the SPAM and RUBBISH floating down the "new" and "hot" feeds...

The Steemit Bloggers Community,

is a collective of individuals who are dedicated
to producing quality content that actually enriches
and adds value to the Steemit platform.

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The official @steemitbloggers account is dedicated to showcasing
the fantastic work of all our amazing writers and creatives...

and is therefore a "one stop shop" for those looking
for interesting blogs to read and follow.

By following our @steemitbloggers feed,
you wont have to scour the Steemit feeds quite as often
to find quality content to enjoy...
It will all be brought to you in your home feed!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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What a great thing! I keep watching over and over to see if I can see my own profile picture

Did u manage to find yourself? Hehe you are there.

hehehe did you find yourself yet @goldendawne?



lol omg!!! Where do you come up with these things @traciyork. hehehe :)

Nice animation .... Just like marvel

@zord189 is brilliant that way ;)

LOVE IT!!! I knew @zord189 was awesome, but this one is over the top!!

I've just decided to write a tribute post to @steemitbloggers instead of just resteeming because you are right, there is so much junk out there, and steemitbloggers really is a one-stop shop. Thanks @jaynie!!

ooooh That would be AWESOME @lynncoyle1 xxx

It's on my list of 'to-do's' for tomorrow or Thursday. For real though, because I know that sounds like, "sure, sure I'll write a post" haha

hahahaha No, not at ALL - I believe you lol :)

aww thank you...and look!! I did it :)

Such a wonderful testament to our amazing community of @steemitbloggers - Thank you so much hon xxx

You are most welcome! I was more than happy to do it for our family's sake :)

I believe you too!

Thank you @zord189...and I see you've already commented on it. Replying is also on my to-do list haha

Hahaha, it's a good habit! :D

Yes it is! It's something I would never NOT do...so rude :)

True true! :D

Thank you for the lovely shoutout @jaynie. Sorry I took your sleep time away!


This indeed caught my attention. Talented work indeed. Hey @jaynie how can I be part of this awesome community?

Hi @watersnake101 - DM me on Discord :) jaynie#9450

Will do thanks 😊

This is so freakin awesome. Love it 😍.

isn't it just!!! :)

That is freaking MARVELOUS ;)

Wow I love this, @zord189 is a genius!!! @jaynie, you made me laugh when I saw how you called him the always there bear, proposed by @iamjadeline :)

hhehe @happycrazycon - well it certainly IS the truth, because @zord189 honestly is, always there! lol :)

I am such a Marvel geek!!!! So I am LOVING this!!!! I have never been a DC fan, although I do like Batman and I HAD to watch Wonder Woman, because...well...of course! However, Marvel is where it's at for me! Great stories and amazing characters. Thanks for sharing!

and thanks for the awesome feedback @cjzachary :)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman?? NO!!! It's the wonderful talented @zord189!! Awesome work!!

PS:I know Superman is not Marvel (that's kinda the joke...lol)

Wow! Guess you do really love what you do, @zord189! Fabulous!

Thank you Mega-zord for this.

WOAHHH! This is really super awesome, @zord189!!! Feeling more like superheroes here on Steemit hey! :D showing off muscle