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My apologies for unable to write long post at the moment. Today's highlights was we tried out our local laundry shop! Normally we wash at home, but... We were unable to wash our clothes for few days and are running low on shirts and inner beauty as well.

Today, water pipe was being attacked and more still going on in the house. Hopefully tomorrow can finish everything and I can clean the Whole House!! 要好了!要好了!要好了!开心的事要提三次。真的累垮了,今天还特地到外面洗衣服,这间店的价钱还可接受。真的天天有新鲜事件。



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Not running low on "inner beauty" is important! ahahahaha

I know right!! Hahaha

I so need to go to the laundry shop myself...!!!!
I have been putting that task off to long.. .

I'm glad my post served as a reminder for you @annephilbrick!

Shirts AND inner beauty are both very important things ! I hope you will get some rest soon <3

I have been cleaning the house for 2 days, too tired to write anything that needs concentrations.
Hopefully, tomorrow can really calm down to rest and write something longer.

Ah you never run out of inner beauty! Shirts, definitely but looks like you solved that.

Indeed I have, I need to!! Hahaha

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howdy this fine Sunday joelai! Your cover photo caught my eye because I couldn't tell what it was and I was on blacklux's blog. where were the reparis going on at, the local laundry business? very good photos bytheway.

Howdy @janton! Nice of you to stop by.
The repair was on my whole house. I was unable to clean my clothes so need to use the laundry service that few days. Thakl you again!

howdy today joelai! oh I understand, thanks for the expalantion. Well I hope the repairs go well and God bless you over there!

Howdy @janton, all went well luckily, thank you and wish you a happy week ahead!