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RE: Our "MARVELlous" Steemit Community - The @SteemitBloggers

LOVE IT!!! I knew @zord189 was awesome, but this one is over the top!!

I've just decided to write a tribute post to @steemitbloggers instead of just resteeming because you are right, there is so much junk out there, and steemitbloggers really is a one-stop shop. Thanks @jaynie!!


ooooh That would be AWESOME @lynncoyle1 xxx

It's on my list of 'to-do's' for tomorrow or Thursday. For real though, because I know that sounds like, "sure, sure I'll write a post" haha

hahahaha No, not at ALL - I believe you lol :)

aww thank you...and look!! I did it :)

Such a wonderful testament to our amazing community of @steemitbloggers - Thank you so much hon xxx

You are most welcome! I was more than happy to do it for our family's sake :)

I believe you too!

Thank you @zord189...and I see you've already commented on it. Replying is also on my to-do list haha

Hahaha, it's a good habit! :D

Yes it is! It's something I would never NOT rude :)

True true! :D