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RE: Use your witness votes and get the Community Badge

in #steemitboardlast year

Wicked awesomesauce idea, @steemitboard! Thanks so much for offering this. I reshuffled my witness votes yesterday, and proxied all my family's accounts & my alts to help raise up the original top 30.

Oh, and any chance you might offer a "Blocked by Ned on Twitter" badge in the future as well...? 😂

high five confetti thank you.gif


There is a new "stealth" Ned badge to grab. Try to find it ;)

OMG!!!! Don't do that to me, @steemitboard - I SO want it, but I was just about to walk away from my keyboard....
now I'm going to be obsessively looking for how to get it.... 😂

Lol I’ll take that badge 😅

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