STEEMIT Weekend Camp Fire Series! Weekend 17 : We are Steemit Family. Come Visit Around the Fire with your Family Every Weekend!

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Weekends are slow, meant for Fun, Relaxing with Family & Friends, and this is what we are here. Leave the Flags & Problems at the Office. Meet up for Anything Goes, Friendly, Encouraging Weekend Fun, Talks and Friendship here every Friday Nite through Sunday Nite.

Blogging on Weekends can be slow. Around the Campfire here we will be respectful to each other, have some fun, play some games, eat some food, have some drinks (Hydration is super important!) - and treat this EVERY weekend series like a nice weekend getaway from the race.

Goals: Encourage each other. Kindness. Community Building. Welcoming all Steemians with no Class Distinction. Friendship. Relationship Building. Food. Fun. Music. Campfire Shenanigans.

Visit my Page Fridays through Sunday and poke around, chat with people, have fun!!

1 Post on my Page Every Friday Nite runs for the whole weekend - Share the link on others pages where you feel you can and invite people. New people! Older Steemians! Everyone is welcome!

1 page to visit. | 1 simple Hashtag to find/use/share. | 1 Platform. | 1 Family.

HashTag / Tag: #SteemitCampFire

What I'm sharing in replies on Steemit so it does not offend or spam people

I started a new Weekend Steemit Campfire Series ! - it just was posted.

Check that out, I am trying to still find ways to build community and love and kindness here.

On my page every Friday nite - Runs for the whole weekend til Sunday nite,

#SteemitCampFire !!

Link Dropping Diverting People Elsewhere:


Please do not drop links to blog posts at the fire diverting people away from the purpose here - gathering people in one place, this is not a post promotion place just because it is a high engagement post.


The last while of everyone dropping links on the #SteemitCampFire - is getting a bit much. I do not mind the odd one, but this kinda can deflect the purpose here - gathering people in one place and not too much diversion elsewhere.

Hope you are not upset but it has been worsening. We all do it from time to time, but a high engagement post is more prone to this. Please keep this in mind.

Link to the First Week/ Run in this new Every-Weekend -- All-Weekend series! -


Link to a #SteemitCampfire post:

How has your week been? How are you doing there??? We have your favourite food and drink right here, so grab it, and a seat, what's on your mind Steemit Family???

If you feel my posts are undervalued or you want to donate to tip me - I would appreciate it very much.

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Please note -- I will have limited internet access for awhile -- so PLEASE do not be upset that I cannot reply right away, or to everyone. I am dealing with some changes, and will have limited time online and will be happy if I get a few blog posts up a week.

How has your week been? How are you doing there??? We have your favourite food and drink right here, so grab it, and a seat, what's on your mind Steemit Family???


Excellent idea.

Well done mate, like the way your thinking!

Anything exciting going on for your weekend? No camping or campfires or anything?

Thank for stopping by, Have a great weekend

Nope, but there are plenty more weekends ahead of me!

I have worked hard here for about a year trying to build community!!



Any other comments or things you would like to discuss with members around the fire here??

BarryDutton Barry Dutton tweeted @ 25 Aug 2017 - 21:26 UTC

#SteemitCampfire Wkend #17! Gather round + hang out. #CryptoCurrency #Blockchain #Steemit #Crypto #Bitcoin $EOS… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Looks like a good weekend to finish off the summer. Nights are getting cooler... Not too many Skeeters anymore. Perfect for a campfire.

Summer is just getting started here. :) Our hottest days are actually in September and October. You're in Toronto?

Yup, love the 20 degree days... Not too hot, not too cold.

They are good nites indeed, just like out in the hammock Jason!

Indeed it is looking like a great weekend. Only so many more days of outside swimming left over here. The mosquitoes have been breeding something awful this year they make such an annoying sounds in the woods. Have a great weekend.

Bloody army boots on them for the past few weeks... :-)

Poor @barrydutton... Per @enjar I heard you were suffering from a "nice post"/spam flea infestation.

I'll just sprinkle some flea powder around the campfire in hopes it will repel some fleas...

Yes, I did address one of those here above today LOL.

I hope you will have a nice weekend even despite all this LOL

Still at work at the moment since it's only 3:40pm, but I plan to hit the gym and find some awesome food afterward. If I visit the beach tomorrow or Sunday I'll be sure to drop some photos here. :D

About that amount should do! I hope its long lasting 24 hour protection!

Some friends wanted to play Diablo III this weekend so I thought why not. I could use a bit of break from writing, business nonsense, and just have some mindless fun.

I have not played much in the current season even thought I did buy the “expansion pack” or whatever they called it just paying for new toon unlock a while ago. Might even after playing as a wizard for a while switch over and try out being a necromancer. Since they are new they are OP from what I have seen on the ladder boards.

Screenshot of my wizard from the game of Diablo III

I’ll be around thought. I hope to see many people here and I hope everyone has a great weekend. Maybe even find one of them S’more. Keeps the campfire going strong!!!!!!

You were just mentioned here moments ago by @cali-girl actually, LOL

Yeah. At the last minute I decided to bring the flea powder instead of a cake. Hope you don't mind...

I had a great weekend. I hope everyone had time to relax and enjoy doing something.


Screenshot taken by @enjar in Diablo III

My weekend accomplishment lol. Yay for some gear. So far I despise the playstyle when I switch over to it. RIP my weekend : )

Spread steemit like a wild fire♨️ To cross 1Million Steemians by the end of 2017

Yay! We made it though another week! Always nice to have a great place like this to land after stressful days.

Thanks, bud!

We are glad to have you anytime Eddie.

We should bust this out once mid week sometimes LOL

Mid week pizza break day!

This month, I have eaten a LOT of pizza man.

Leftovers are key.

Any favorites you would like to share?

I had some pepperoni pizza a few nights back with cheese in the crust! Drools…

Love cheese in the crusts. My favourite at the moment is a mediterranean vegetable pizza.

It sure is. I have been a busy bee this week. Got some of what I wanted done. Not everything but I over scheduled just to make sure I would not have too much downtime. Rather be busy then bored!

Have a great weekend.


So glade you could join the campfire! How is your weekend going?

Hope you had a great weekend. It sounds like you had a blast!

Good point on keeping busy! Glad you accomplished some of your goals. That's always satisfying! Enjoy a break...

Nice day here in UK too, the girls had a swim in the sea and absolutely loved it. I love to watch them when they have pure glee in their eyes. They are still going strong and its almost 8pm here. Get them off to bed, then I'll write a couple of posts if I don't sit down and rest for 5 minutes and then fall asleep for whole night, by the warmth of the camp fire.

Solid reply, I have a strong visual of that.



Hey there you are LOL.

I have been glad to hear from you lately, it has been really nice.

I hope you have a good rest of your Sunday now I know you are 4 hrs ahead of me here.


Today Grandad took us kayaking and sailing around the harbour. A busy, but lovely weekend that will be nice to look back on and remember. Now its time to write a post or two as not quite as tired as yesterday :)

Life is better and more happier now its just me and the girls and we are not creeping around on eggshells most of time. The last 6 months have been good and I am very thankful for Steemit, and the lovely people like you on it, as I feel part of something good.

I did not know what you were dealing with!

Thanks for sharing and it does sound like things are vastly improved now.

Hugs back to you!!!

Glade you gals got to enjoy the day outside and swimming! I spent a couple of hours doing the same. Been a decent weather here. That Hurricane that hit Texas has been holding back some of the bad weather we where suppose to get. Granted, in next 4 or 5 days we got be on the lookout again a pressure off our coast forming into some nasty weather.

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