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Saint Paul says,"You have been raised to new life in Christ. Set your hearts upon the things that are in Heaven; not the things here on Earth. image

St. Paul in his teaching to the Church in Corinth about the resurrection of the dead says, "If Christ be not risen from the dead, then our faith is in vain and his(Saint Paul) teaching is in vain..ff but as death was brought by man(Adam) so resurrection was brought by man(JESUS) for JESUS is alive.

St. Paul also teaches that we are one body as Christians in Christ, " JESUS is the head and we the Church are his members (parts of this HOLY and Darling body to GOD). So, as JESUS is in Heaven, we too hope to be in Glory with HIM.

From these 3 teachings we learn to run our race with Heaven as our Primary prize to which every other achievement should be secondary. During anguish we should remember that there is a resurrection. JESUS by overcoming death did over come everything; for before human eyes, death is an end to everything but now we know it was over come by GOD.

We also learn to love ourselves and neighbours sincerely. Liking is for material things, we should love man knowing that were are one body in which JESUS is the head and we the Church as HIS members. This teaching perfects the teaching that each and everyone was uniquely designed by GOD in GOD's own image.

We also learn to value our bodies and keep them Holy for they are part of the Sacred body of Christ and they are the temples of the HOLY SPIRIT. We hope to be in Glory with JESUS someday.

At its least, we should people above material things knowing that love is for man and liking is for material things.

When we feel cheated, under achieved, unloved, lacking, or when we lose our loved ones let us remember the teachings of Saint Paul. That there is a resurrection and a better life after earth. We were raised to new life in Christ, and as members of HIS body where HE is in Glory we shall be someday.

Blessed Sunday.


Finally(in the end) We all will report to same power with different name (Jesus, Allah, Shiva, Buddha, Sai etc).

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