Steem Prediction Contest#14 / 14 SBD Give Away / 203 SBD Was Given Out By Steemit Coffee Till Now

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Steemit Coffee as always bring to you every month 3 contests:
  • Steemit prediction
  • Bitcoin prediction
  • NFP prediction
    203 SBD Was Given Out By Steemit Coffee till now !
    The next prize is SBD14...

Steem Prediction / Contest#14
Predict the price in USD of 1 Steem and win 14SBD

Any prediction would be a simple guess without any solid basis as
the Steem market is very young!

The price now in USD of 1 Steem is $0.911

To take part in contest you have to:

  • Must be my follower.
  • Upvote this post.
  • Resteem this post.
  • Predict the price in USD of 1 Steem for 26 of Nov 2017,
    8:00 AM GMT+2 in the comments below.
  • Place your prediction with 3 digits after comma.

Limit One(1) Entry Per Person..
Predictions can be submitted until 24 of Nov 2017, 12:00 AM GMT+2.
The Winner will be the participant with the closest prediction number.

If you like Steemit Coffee Feel Free to Support it.
With Your Support, Every Month The Prizes Will Be Bigger.
Good Luck
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Hi. I think

My guess is $0.937

thats 6 days from today, so im gonna say $1.03 USD

Great work. @lordoftruth
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My prediction is steem1 = 0.958

Upvote & Resteem.

My prediction is 0.90

My prediction is Steem 1 = $0.987

that is damn true..

upvoted and resteemed
1 steem = $0.943

My prediction is Steem 1 = $0.943

Share with us Coffee

$0.972 is my prediction.

~Followed & Upvoted

Calling @originalworks :)
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Nice, you got a 53.0% @mdwakil upgoat, thanks to @lordoftruth
It consists of $4.09 vote and $0.24 curation
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My prediction: $0.916

my prediction is 1 steem with equal $0.8905

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Great contests.
steem price : 0.958
Upvote - Resteem

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1 steem 0.925
100% like and resteem

@lordoftruth - $0.952 is my prediction Sir....

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Hello @lordoftruth,

My Prediction : 0.902 USD


$0.886 is the my prediction of Steem!


my prediction, $1.05

Hi @lordoftruth

Predicted STEEM Price : 1.06 USD

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my price is: 0.963
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my prediction 0.987
For your post propagation.

$0.987 is my prediction~

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