[Design Better Steemit Contest] Your Theme Ideas Needed, Win 5 SDB For Voting And Help Shape Steemit

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Now is the time to create and choose the theme for the Design Challenge. If you don't know what this is about check out the Intro post here

It's time to choose on what we will focus in the first round. Remember, the theme has to be pretty generic so it does not limit people's creativity.

Few ideas for the theme:

  • User-Onboarding
  • Getting Users more addicted
  • Getting and Consuming Content You Want When You Want (eg. not in first hour of the post as afterwards it disappears into the abyss of the feed)
  • Finding Relevant Content
  • Improving long-term quality of blogposts by supporting great content that's valuable for lifetime
  • Discovering New Users
  • Finding the best content from an author

Here's the thing though, we need your ideas as you know best what is ruining your Steemit experience and what you'd love to improve.

So here's how it will work.

  • If you have an idea for a theme post it below in the comments, preferably make it also obvious it's a Theme comment. Eg: Theme Idea: Insert Awesome Idea
  • If you see a good theme already then upvote that comment. The theme with most amount of votes wins.
  • Once the Theme is selected the Competition can start and people can start submitting their ideas.

I will also publish few posts about UX and what you could think about when creating your contest-ideas.

Now, to give you guys some motivation, for people upvoting the comments there is a chance to win 5 SDB thanks to @pappa-pepper. The winner will be chosen randomly from the people voting.

Sp go and upvote and resteem so more people can learn about the contest and cast their vote on what they care about and would love to improve.

If you want to know how I modify my Images with a quick copy-paste, check out my post about a tool I created

50/50 SP Posts

About the Author;

Hi, I am Joe and I love freedom.
Freedom of all sorts, social, financial, emotional, physical, freedom from your stuff or place.
My biggest passion is to show that it is possible to live life being free, work towards my freedom, and help others obtain their own versions of freedom.
I also love exploration and experimentation (of all senses).
My articles are about all of this (Freedom, exploration, experimentation)
as well as my own transparent and authentic experiences.


Post All your Theme Ideas Uder This Comment

Finding Relevant Content

I would like to see an option to save an article, or some kind of favorites list , where we can put some really important articles. I really miss that option...

Yes, that is exactly what I want, too and I was planning on designing it
with one extra killer feature :).

Improving long-term quality of blogposts by supporting great content that's valuable for lifetime

Major topic wikis. Essentially, once a topic/tag has over a certain threshold of posts, it can qualify as some sort of certified tag/topic. The topic can then be moderated by volunteers (perhaps they have extra steem incentives, but that's outside of this idea), and essentially their role is to moderate the tag and also build out a wiki which likely includes Intro, FAQ, Popular Content, etc.

@Papa-Pepper had a great idea about getting some kind of tabs of past searchable posts. You'll have to check his account on his idea. But it was basically some way of being able to search one users posts according to category.
This is a nice post! Thankful I came across your page.

Thank you :).
Yeah, I saw that. I had a similar idea myself of what I wanted to design and maybe even code it. Let's just see how this goes and if the chosen topic will be something I'd be able to design something like that.

Discovering New Authors/Users To Follow

This one is important for underfollowed, new steem users!

Yeah, so spread the word so more people vote for it. Then we can work on it and figure out how to solve it :).

Getting Users more addicted

Getting and Consuming Content You Want When You Want

The ability to group your following users. Ex: These are the dudes I follow for design, these are the peeps I follow for crypto consulting, etc.

Finding the best content from an author

New User Onboarding

A clear and simple walk through with tooltips would be extremely helpful. Currently the user has to hunt for a 101, and then read about a massive amount of new terms and concepts. With a simple tooltip walkthrough, the user is guided through various aspects of the site, and given the opportunity to "learn more" when something doesn't make sense or piques their interest.

Ability to sort New/Hot/Trending/Nome by age(both ways), by Votes (both ways), Earnings (both ways), Replies (both ways), by user names. For sure for some categories it might be impossible to sort in both ways (asc, desc), but at least one way would be useful too

Thanks so much for doing this @joewantsfreedom! It's a great initiative, and once small step to a better user experience, and ultimately a better community :)

Thank you, I hope it gets some traction so it can be succesfull :)

Wow. I actually wrote down the ideas im going to implement when I redesign Steemit. Here they are:


-Onboarding process - earn your first SP
-Working chat
-Switch layouts
-Dark version
-Compact header
-Favorite tags/categories
-Better secondary menu
-Tags = groups
-Better editor
-Working search
-Not upvoting your own posts
-Website should explain how to vote and what it means

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Great post I gave you a follow!

Resteeming in hopes of reaching more designers!

Thank you very much, greatly appreciated :).

I was off-grid so I coulnd't do any promotion so thank you :).