Steemit Community Logo for Slovakia and Some Communist History Fun Inside (2 Vector Designs, Suggestions are welcome)

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Have you heard of this small country in the center of Europe called Slovakia? There's a sizeable crpto-anarchist community there and many people interested in decentralization, crypto currencies and block chain.

It has great things to offer:

  • beautiful nature and mountains (9 UNESCO-protected national parks in a country with 5 milion people)
  • great Slavic food
  • smart people
  • apparently beautiful women (but doesn't every country say that? )
  • and surely more

Though maybe I'm biased as I was born there ...

So after seeing this post by @olegw I decided to create a logo. I came up with two ideas.



Let me tell you a bit about the history of the Slovak national Coat of Arms.

  • The three hills represent our mountains and it's three because of a Legend.
  • The cross symbolize two Saints who brought us our language
  • the red shield is just a very common thing that most people used at the time of creation. No creativity there really.

Here's the picture of beautiful mountains you can find here
Image Source(direct link to img)

Ok, back to the logo.

First idea

First idea was simple. Changing the cross to Steemit Logo and make it look like Steem is coming out of the mountains.


Second Idea

This one is interesting. It's basically rewamping the cross with Steemit's curves. And one thing I like is that it makes it also look like a dolphin jumping into the blue mountain (or waves). So it's pretty cool. There's probably a way to improve it but I like the idea. Let me know if you have any ideas of how to improve it.


Communist and Steemit?

While confirming some of the facts in this post I found this sigil that was used during communst times....
Well, that is almost perfect Steemit Community Logo.


If you want to know how I modify my Images with a quick copy-paste, check out my post about a tool I created

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Wow, great job ! Thank you. All versions look nice. I like more No1 but you chose witch will be implemented in final video. Tomorrow I am going to make update of video with your logo design and the new ones witch came in last few days. Welcome SLOVAKIA !

Ok, let's just see if some other people will offer some feedback and I'll let you know in the evening (in 8-ish hours) which one to use.

Thank you :)

Ok, use the first one with "tripple steem" :). Link me the post aftrwards in case I'd miss it as I'm travelling next two days (then I'm completely off-grid for a bit),
thank you :).

I am indeed.
Based on your name I'd say you are too

Indeed bratu. I see you are here for ages :) I am fresh noob. Do you have any wise words what to do and what not? (advanced) Or some opinions?

Consistency is key (which I am not).

Helping Steemit might be a good way to start if you want to make some impact though it might not build audience for what you want.
Though an advise would actually depend on what you want out of this and what you wish to achieve.

So actually, at the end, I can't really give you anything specific until I'd know more about you.
Feel free to hit me up on

There's also a luck and randomness factor.

I like the first logo the best 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

Nice, thanks for letting me know :). Yeah, that one is nice and simple.

Though I still like the potential of the second one, at least how it looks - though it might not be that great at representing that it has something to do with Steemit ... :)

Yeah that be a bad idea 😂😀