Brave Browser

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If you are not using the brave browser, you must not like free money and private internet browsing...

The Brave browser is free, it allows users to earn money for the little ad box that appears on the bottom right of their screen every once in a while. No this is not enough money to make you rich but if you use the internet enough it is enough to bring a smile to your face. In 2019 year I made $97 US Dollars by doing nothing more but using this browser, now that is $97 dollars in BAT, which is currently valued at $0.251 for every USD. At BAT's highest it was $0.95 to every 1 USD. So far this month I have earned 5.46 BAT, if BAT was at its all time high, that would be about 5 dollars earnings in 7 days for doing what I already do anyone surfing the web. If you are like me, you will surf using Brave, stockpile all of the free BAT and when BAT goes up to a new ATH, sell it off and reinvest the BAT into something else. I will take the $97 I have made so far, cash it in and invest it into something like Chain Link then ride that wave.

Regardless if you are looking to reinvest or just want to take the few bucks and buy a sandwich or a pizza is irreverent. No one is so rich that they should turn down free money! Aside from the free money, Brave is the best browser available. Brave not only has a private browser mode, but it has private browsing with tor! If you don't know what tor is, it is a way for you to allow your internet surfing to be safe and private, complete anonymity. See video below:

Again people, free money, quality program, and features that set it apart from the other browsers. Its a no brainier. Please feel free to comment or ask questions. Thank you for visiting, I hope to hear from all of you soon.